The Siren Prince

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Since the origination of the ocean, the blue waves have always been looked at by everyone with sympathy. The whole world sees the ocean as a sad and lonely place, and all the ears in the world can hear the sad calls of the tides once a year. People have shrugged this off as a natural phenomenon, like how a tune plays when the great wind blows through old holes, or how the ice sounds like it is singing when the frozen lakes shift. Little do they know that far down in the depths of the ocean, a Siren Prince sings his lonely call, and little did the Siren Prince know that a wandering dreamer will one day heed it.

Fantasy / Romance
H.A. Hyacinth
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The midnight waves danced slowly as all the children gathered around the shore, their little feet dug into the sand in excitement. An old woman with a kind face and young dreamer eyes walked in front of the cheerful children and took a seat amongst them, a smile just as big as the crescent moon above them laid on her lips.
The fireplace crackled and spat golden sparks behind them, where the adults congregated, who were waiting just as eagerly as the children but in a more mature and quiet manner. All eyes were on the old woman and the blue tides of the ocean. The old woman was now facing the ocean, her eyes closed, body still, and legs crossed as she sat on the warm sand.
The disruptive giggles and chatters of the children ceased, as they now know it was almost time for a phenomenon to happen before them. They waited patiently, and if a person was to be blind they would have mistaken them to be mature adults.

Not all the kids were as well accustomed to this yearly gathering. Some kids, mostly the youngest ones from ages four to six, were experiencing this special night for the first time with curious eyes and anxious hearts. They have only heard about the yearly song of the ocean in stories, mostly told by their parents or by their peers at school who brag of already hearing it, but now they were old enough to experience it for themselves first-hand.
Among those kids, possibly the youngest one, was a boy unlike any of the others. The adults and other children, however, don't know this yet. To them he is just a regular boy, with the messy hair of childhood play and the curious eyes of the innocent. This boy sat in silent wonder as he waited like the rest, not knowing that this night will change his life forever.

The old woman, who sat closest to the shore, became illuminated with a soft blue light from the waves that were now glowing. She opened her eyes and bowed to the waves, and the little boy heard the song of the ocean for the very first time.
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