All I Wish for Christmas (A Short Story)

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Tilly is a Christmas angel ornament who simply wishes to find true love. Follow her feel-good and inspirational story as she discovers what love is really all about.

Fantasy / Romance
Gwen Thames
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Each year, the magic of Christmas brings ornaments and decorations to life during the holiday season. At least it does in this sweet holiday story following Tilly Tippy Toes, the ballerina angel who awakens on the Christmas tree one early December night. Follow her journey over the years as she meets the friends who show her that love comes in many different forms. There’s Balthazar the Wise Man, along with Mary and her baby, Jesus, from the Nativity set; elf twins Olivia and Oliver; Elf on the Shelf, Glint (who’s quite a lady’s man); Captain Tinsel, the handsome nutcracker soldier; and even the Grinch.

Discover Christmas magic through Tilly’s joy and sorrow as she finds and loses love, ultimately realizing just how loved she’s been all along and how much more love her life can hold.

From my heart to yours, I wish you the joys of the Christmas Spirit all year long, and may we all find love in the many places it can be found! Whatever you may celebrate and wherever you are in the world, may we all be unified in the spirit of kindness and love! And may 2021 be a healthy and positive one for all!

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Tilly’s first memory began on a cold night in early December. December 4th to be exact. At first everything was dark. She wouldn’t have even realized that she existed if it weren’t for the very faint sound that emanated through the darkness and reverberated in her ceramic head.

As it grew louder, something inside her knew that this was the beginning of her life. Her very purpose had everything to do with this sound - or at least what it represented.

“Music,” she told herself. “Christmas music!” And she wondered how she knew.

Next came smell. Pine, wood burning - but not obnoxiously. Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg were there, too. Beyond that, and barely discernible, she could pick up the light scent of snow, fresh and crisp.

“These fragrances make me feel good inside!”

The next thing she knew, she felt the gentle prickle of something bushy, yet soft all along her backside. What was this new sense? “Ah, touch!”

Yet, she couldn’t move to reach around and touch the oddity. “I’m floating,” she finally determined, not feeling anything beneath her and knowing that she wasn’t laying down either. But she wasn’t scared, simply knowing that this was where she was meant to be.

Finally, she opened the eyes she just realized she had, and a blur of bright color and darkness struck her simultaneously.

Focusing hard, the lights cleared, multicolored in nature and all around her.

“Christmas!” She uttered aloud in almost a whisper for the first time, as her mouth and tongue moved to her amazement. “I can talk!” She said a little louder now.

Tilly blinked several times, trying to take in everything around her, while allowing her new senses to adjust to the world she’d found herself in. Her sense of motion lighting up within her body, making her limbs and face feel warm and alive.

She had no memories of anything before now, yet she knew things. She knew her name was Tilly Tippy Toes, and she knew that this tree was to be her home. She knew of Christmas, but was a bit fuzzy on the details, though they were slowly coming to her.

Looking down at her tiny ceramic hands, Tilly smoothed her delicate light pink dress with wispy pink feathers for the tutu, admiring its soft color. She wrapped herself in a hug, feeling the sensation of her fingers on her arms and smiled, “This is amazing! I’m alive!”

Stretching out her legs that had been curled under her before, Tilly tried to look up, but her hat was stuck.

“Oh, dear!” Tilly frowned, “How do I get down?!”

Then from somewhere below she heard a voice - different from the singing on the recorded Christmas carols that had been playing until a few moments ago.

There it was again! “I found her! This year’s addition to the tree!”

Season’s Greetings to all my readers!

While decorating the tree this year a story came to mind, and I thought I’d try my hand at writing a short story for the holidays!

Regardless of what you celebrate, I do pray that this finds you and yours well and safe enough to enjoy your own holidays. 2020 has been very difficult, if not tragic for many around the world, and I pray that we will all find some peace and resolution to our troubles in the New Year!

Always my very best wishes to you!

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