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A Pirate's Forbidden Love

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Sasha Rivers is just a quiet girl, frequently pushed around by others around her. Her boyfriend continues to try and change her, and one of her supposed friends has nothing by lust for someone who is supposed to cherish her. A coincidental wish to disappear gives Sasha her wish, but it lands her in a different world. A world of pirates, ships, and danger. The most dangerous part of this new world, is the pull Sasha feels toward the captain of the pirate ship, The Jewel. His name is Clyde, and is the most wanted pirate on the seas. By women. By the Navy. And of course, by Sasha.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

The sun shone brightly overhead. Sounds of happy children playing in the sand, and frolicking in the water with their parents. Throngs of couples cuddling on their beach towels, laughing, smiling, just being together.

A stark contrast to a woman sitting under a parasol, eyes on the water, not far from her.

Sasha watches as her boyfriend, Barclay play in the water with their three other friends. Her eyes are drawn to the far-too-close contact he has with one friend in particular, Darcy.

Beautiful. That was the only word that came to mind when she thought of Darcy. Long strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, and a body that would make even the most secure woman jealous.

She always claimed outwardly that she never liked Barclay in that way, but her behavior was another story. In fact, their cooperative suggestive behavior implies they now have mutual feelings toward each other.

Unfortunately for Sasha, it was no secret that Darcy had a crush on Barclay, long before he decided to ask Sasha out on their first date. Whispers from those around them made Sasha wonder her suitability with someone as popular as Barclay. But, he would always hug her, advising to ignore their stupidity.

The beginning of their relationship was a far cry from the current scene unfolding before her eyes.

Unable to watch anymore, she tears her eyes away.

Sasha had never been overly fond of the beach, but she eventually caved after Barclay's incessant pestering; claiming that he wanted to show off her gorgeous body to make other guys jealous. Finally relenting, he made the situation worse when he criticized her choice in swim suit because it wasn't overly flashy or revealing for his taste. What hurt the most was the comparison he made to Darcy. Swallowing her words, Sasha walked away, finding a decent area to set up the umbrella.

Very reluctantly, prior to the trip, Sasha went out to buy another swimsuit. Barclay watched her carefully, gauging her choices, complaining most of the time. Nearly shamefully, Sasha tried on swim suits not even close to her taste, and only wanted to please him. When finally approved, she can't help but feel awful.

Hearing a familiar yell in the distance, Sasha brings her eyes to the offending voice. Barclay's arms were wrapped around Darcy's mid section, huge smiles on their faces. As she watches them, she understand why she allows this to continue. She knows she deserves better. Logically, she understands that it isn't the way to be treated, but her fear of being alone outweighed everything.

Darcy calls out from the water. "Sasha, come in the water! It's so warm!" She frantically waves her arms from the shallows.

Inwardly sighing, Sasha leaves the safety of the umbrella, feeling the sand squish beneath her toes. The water laps around her feet and ankles, seeping into her bones, almost making it worth the trip.

Barclay emerges from the water, his dark blonde hair slicked back, his slim body lightly tanned from being underneath the sun. "Where you been, Sasha?"

"On the beach...watching you," she replies, biting back her true words.

Grabbing her hand, Barclay lays a gentle kiss across her knuckles. The sensation of her lips makes her stomach curdle; one that used to make her heart sing.

"Come on, baby. You know I only have eyes for you." His tone is so saccharine sweet that Sasha wanted to kick him right in his manhood.

Darcy steps out a fraction of a second later. Her strawberry blonde hair dripping and her slim body on display. "Sashy, come in the water with me." Batting her eyelashes, Darcy tries to look cute.

Rolling her eyes, Sasha ignores them both, going further out, running into their other friends Dana and Jarrett.

"Fancy seeing you here," Dana quips.

"No thanks to those two," Sasha responds, darkly.

"Don't worry about it now, sweetie," Jarrett says. "Have fun with us."

The three friends have fun for awhile, splashing each other, the girls ganging up on Jarrett, and him tossing both of them over his shoulder into the water. For awhile, she forgets about her already failed relationship.

Dana's eyes flit to the beach, and her face falls, hand over her mouth. "Oh my..."

Both Sasha and Jarrett follow her eye line, and the sight makes Sasha nearly throw up in the ocean. Deep down though, the sight was inevitable.

"That son of a..."Jarrett growls.

"I can't believe him," Dana whispers, gently placing her hand on Sasha's shoulder.

Jarrett sloshes through the water, back to the beach, where Barclay and Darcy have their lips locked tightly.

Feeling numb, Sasha barely registers what is happening around her. Everything sounds like white noise. Not even Jarrett punching Barclay square in the nose. Or Dana attempting to rip the two boys apart.

Backing further into the blue water, Sasha feels entirely empty, and wants nothing more than to disappear forever.

Still walking further out, her feet no longer touch the bottom. Eyes on the horizon, she is surprised when a sudden whirlpool forms near her, out of nowhere. Almost as though it had answered her prayer.

Sucked into the vortex, Sasha screams, pure fear engulfing her. But, by the time she is noticed, it's far too late. The water consumes her, and blackness takes over.

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