The Secret Light

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Chapter Nine

We sleep on the floor barely without any blankets that keep us warm in the cold night. The stars sparks brightly competing the moon’s light, there is no sign of cloud. It is so clear making every constellations detailed. As hours passed, an eldritch noise wake us up from our calm sleep. A loud screeching of metal engine roar through the dark alleys, terrified we stand up on our feet as cold sweat ran through our very skin.

“What is it?” asks Seth.

“I wish I know,” I reply as I look to every possible alley where the noise might come from.

The thing did roar again vibrating the cold cement floor we step on. We could hear the screeching of metal very clear. A minute past, a sudden silence rise up. The screeching of metal is somehow gone. Seth and I both look terrified not knowing what might come to us. Looking to every direction, we saw a red light in the pitch-black corner of the other side. It moves to every direction as we notice a body like shadow shades its form. Then suddenly it roar and slowly crawling toward us. We stand their petrified not able to move our feet as the moon light its true form. A lion-like creature with its four metal legs, have wings like of a dragon and a tail of a scorpion. The red light earlier we saw was its eyes glowing with fiery. Gathering up myself I fire at him making him back up.

“Run!” I shout.

We did run as fast as we can, we could hear the creature chasing us as his metal legs touch against the floor. Heart beats fast, sweat run through our skin as we make every turn not minding where it might lead us. We saw the creature at our back, opening its mouth ready to eat us. Seth did cast a spell but it do nothing on the creature. We did turn at the open alley, hiding at the corner. Resting. Terrified. I could feel the blood run through my tired body, I could hear the heavy breaths Seth breath.

“What is it?” whispers Seth.

“I have no idea! But as far as I know it is not friendly!” I reply.

Glimpsing at the open alley I could see the creature patrolling in every direction looking for our presence. Its red eyes glowing like a laser, wings in the air and its legs slowly walking feeling the vibration of the floor. Roaring again.

“What do we do now?” ask Seth.

“Kill that filthy creature! I guess?”

“But how?”

“I don’t know, we need to find its weakest spot”

The creature did not go away, sensing our smell but couldn’t determine our fix position. It keeps patrolling, roaring in every corner making us more terrified. How I wish the other could be here helping us. We hide in the corner still no idea how to kill the creature. Seth did cast spell again that lessen our smell to be smelled, buying us more time to think how to kill it.

“If I can just use my telekinesis!” I mumble.

“Your good at summoning a Guardian!” Seth state.

“It won’t work unless I am able to do telekinesis!”

“What should we do now?”

“I’ll distract it, you go run away from it as fast you can!”

“What? Are you...”

Before Seth could finish her sentence I run toward the creature. The creature roar and run towards me. I hit it hard with every possible ability I can use. The creature stand back looking at me straightly, then suddenly out of the blue its scorpion tail attack me. It hit the ground so hard as it misses me.

“Run!” I shout.

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