The Secret Light

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Chapter Ten

The creature throw some lightning at me from its mouth. I fire back at him hardly. I can see Seth at the corner standing there. Without thinking again she run towards the creature and cast a spell again; aside from her prime ability casting spells is where she’s best at. The creature did slam hard at the wall.

“Are you crazy?” I yell.

“I won’t let you fight this creature alone, this is not how we are trained for!” Seth reply.

The creature stand up to its feet. It roar differently from the previous roars it make. Then suddenly a swoosh from our back is felt coming from the pitch-black alley. Looking at it straightly a red light exist from the alley just like what we saw before. Then the red light become more visible as it moving toward us.

I know this gonna be ain’t good.

“Noel are you thinking what I’m thinking?” says Seth terrified.

The creature did leap before us we could see its whole body from above us. It landed next to the other. They both roar frightening us. Then they did take charge, the other fire lightning while the other attack us with its scorpion tail. We leap from different side, Seth charge a spell at the other creature gaining its attention.

“Take the other, I’ll deal with this creature” I state as I face the first creature that attack us.

I throw a ball of energy at it hitting hard its face. Then suddenly its wings spread up in the air. Its feet is inches away from the ground.

“ Oh, glad you take your first fly!” I tease.

The creature form a ball of lightning from its mouth then fire at me hardly. I manage to escape its attack. But then it fire something else making me fall to the ground. I cannot my move my entire body. It mobilizes my whole nerves preventing me to move. Then form a ball of lightning again and as before it is going to fire at me it erupted before mine eyes. Its body scattered on the ground pieces against pieces. Looking weakly at the distance I saw a man standing before the falling objects appear as a distinct silhouette with a sword in his hand cover in blue fire. I couldn’t exactly tell who is until I heard his voice.

“Thought you need my help.” says the man

Then he slowly turn his back facing me. The sword is still lit up with fire, his winter gray eyes shines brightly before his face. He made a small smirk, then jump and kill the other creature which Seth did not manage to kill. The creature did erupted the same as the first one. Seth stand there confuse. As the creature body’s scattered all over the ground. Burn. He put out his sword vanishing it from his hand. Then he walked towards me and I saw his whole feature.

It was Luke.

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