The Secret Light

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Chapter Eleven

“Thought you can manage those two!” He tease as he help me stand on my feet.

“How did you find us?” I ask.

“I heard you yell...”

“Then decide to follow it.” He finish.

“Luke?” Seth yells from the distance and runs toward us.

Luke give me something that wears off totally the thing the creature give me. I still could feel small ache from the inside. I don’t know what thing the creature give me that completely immobilize me. Gathering up my thoughts, I notice that the sun just awoken from its sleep. Shinning the still clear sky above. I can see every pieces of the creatures’ body where it landed in the open alley. We started to trek again following the direction where Luke lead us. He said we’re going to his hideout, where he hide himself safely. As we trek, the floor did suddenly rumble. Like there will be an earthquake to happen. We hold our ground looking everywhere. Then suddenly the walls are cover with huge vines like the one in the fantasy book ‘Jack: The Giant Slayer’ but it has thorns that surrounds its stem. We stand there astounded looking straightly at the growing vines that hangs on the walls. All the walls from every alley are covered with the vines.

“What the?” I mumble.

“Just like from the earth,” Luke state as he touch one of the vines.

Seth did try to slash one small vine to take for better examine but nothing happen. The vine just hang there steadily. Luke touch again the vine, closing eyes and feel the inner side of the vine. Then suddenly the vine that he is holding glow and fireflies-like surround it. Luke’s hand also glow and his nerves from his hand glow like a root running toward his mind. Then he flew slamming his body unto the wall of the other side. He groan in pain and holding his head and cry in pain.

“Luke! Are you okay?” Seth yell as we run toward him.

“What happened?” I ask helping him stand on his feet.

“What did you saw?” Seth ask.

As Luke stands on his feet. He rest his body against the wall full of vines, massaging his forehead. Groaning in pain. We let him sit at the floor to gain more strength and scan him thoroughly; checking if there are some problems inside him. After sometime, he manage to stand up again and tries to open up his eyes.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“It is guarded.” He respond blankly

“Guarded? What do you mean?” Seth ask.

“The vines are guarded!” Luke answer looking straightly at the vines.

“Let’s go! From now on we will not touch unknown things from this hell!” I state with authority.

“Yeah, come on Luke.” Seth agrees.

“We should turn the next alley from here.” Luke says as he massage again his forehead.

Guarded? What does Luke mean? It keep playing inside my head. As anxiety rises within me like an active volcano any minute it will erupt. The vines hang on the walls like decoration of the dull alley. Its thorns are place in every stem waiting to prick someone. My thoughts are floating in the space freely. I want to end this trek. I wanna go home.


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