The Secret Light

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Chapter Twelve


The only word that would fit our trek in this hell, we turn every alley for ages now. Still following Luke where he goes, he said he still could remember where his hideout is. The sun shines brightly above us with no clouds that would shade us from the wrath of the it. We keep our trekking with no food eaten yet, dried throats that only saliva keep it hydrated. I could feel my tired body that would give up any minute from now. Limbs that are shaking, feet that are not able to do another step. After a couple of minutes, one by one we fall to the ground. Weak. I try to gain more strength, but nothing. My body couldn’t give me more strength. Our body is totally done.

“I’m thirsty,” Seth say slowly like an old woman ask for water.

“I didn’t imagine my hideout would very far from your location.” Luke state weakly.

“We are going to die here.” I mumble.

I did not imagine that this would be our end. I thought it would be historical, like we just won a battle against the most diabolical person in the world. Where all of our forces are killed, blood are shed throughout every cities we know. Destruction is everywhere. The Highest Council uses their total power to stop the evil person, but only us can save the whole worlds no matter what the risk is. But waking up in reality, it is not going to be fulfil. Since we are going to die in this hell; thirsty and starve soldiers.

A moment later, a sudden shadow pass before me. I thought I am being illusional. But it pass again the second time; a clear black shadow. I try to tell the others, but I cannot manage to move my mouth because of the recent status of my body’s strength. From my throat to mouth, everything is dried up. Like I have been trekking in the desert alone for how many years. I could here the groan of Luke and Seth; desiring the same need. My body made an ache from the inside as I swallow my last salvation of hope. Then after sometime, everything went black.


We awoke from our deep sleep, the sky is hue of red violet clear colour as the sun is setting itself. Gathering up myself I slowly stand up on my feet. I saw Luke sitting weakly resting his head against the walls while Seth sit on the other side facing us. My vision is still quite blurry, but after sometime I manage to see clearly. I sit beside Luke and hear his groaning. Our body is still weak; not able to do more trekking.

Somehow I gain a bit of energy from my sleep, but my stomach never cease to ask for something to digest. We cannot survive another day here; we need to find something to eat before it will be too late. Then out of the blue, something touches my foot. I could feel as it bump unto my ankle and gain my attention. Relief arises within me as I look at the thing that earlier bump unto me. I slowly take it and as soon as I touch it; my world became so alive. I couldn’t believe what I just touch in the middle of nowhere.

It was an apple.

A food.

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