The Secret Light

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Chapter Thirteen

I immediately take a bite from it, not minding where it come from or whoever give it. All I could think right now is to survive and live another day in this hell. Before I could tell Luke and Seth about it, another apples roll over on the floor from nowhere. There are eight apples according to my counting. As soon as Luke and Seth have an apple on their hand they immediately also take their biggest bite. We almost eat all the apples but Luke says we should at least left some for to morrows. That we can have a food to bring during our next journey. It didn’t actually makes us full, but at least it is enough to sustain us for the night.

“Where did you get it?” ask Luke.

“It bumps against me!” I reply.

“It come out from nowhere, roll over towards me!” I finish.

“We should examine it first before we take a bite from it, it may be poisonous!” he state.

“We are still alive! So it maybe not poisonous at all!” defend Seth.

“You said it come from that alley, right?” says Luke pointing at the now dark alley two blocks away from us.

I nod.

“Someone must be watching us?” he proclaims.

“Maybe, but as far I am concern it a good watcher. Giving us food?” Seth state.

“But we should still be sober and vigilant we don’t know what or who else in on this hell!” Luke says looking straightly at the alley where the apples is said coming from.

Luke helps creating our new shelter for the night. We didn’t reach Luke’s hideout within a day where he says that it would not be a day journey to his hideout, but some factors hinder us from reaching our goal. We sleep at the floor barely again without blankets, but Luke creates a fire to keep us warm for the night. I watch the two of them sleep at the shelter sleeping heavily. Stars shines brightly at the night sky while the moon shades its light against the walls that I can barely see the path and another open alley afar off. Then I get a glimpse of the apples besides Seth, then random thoughts surrounds me. Wondering who is the one that give us the apple, who is all behind this?. Maybe the shadow I saw before I pass out is somehow connected with it. My thoughts always troubles me. Anxiety rises up. I couldn’t get myself over about it. I need to find the answers to all my questions. I know deep inside this mysterious hell someone is out there. Lost just like us.


Who is out there?


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