The Secret Light

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Chapter Fourteen

We woke up as soon as the sunlight hit us with its might. Rubbing my eyes and gaining clear vision; I saw Luke ready to start the journey. Seth at the corner meditating, trying to contact the others from the other realms. I stand on my feet and wear off the dust on my clothes. It had been days since we didn’t change our clothes.

We keep trekking the whole hell, but couldn’t find Luke’s hideout. Its look like we are lost and couldn’t find our way back. We notice that the vines that are hanging on the walls are no where to be found. It’s back on its original form- a dull old walls.

We did survive using the apples that we find a couple of days ago to survive in our every day journey. We sleep in different places, creating a shelter in every corner we decide to rest for the night. There is no odd thing happen so far during our trek. Seth says that we should find the tree where the apples grow from. She add that if we can find it we can find also our paradise that we have been longing for a couple weeks now.

Aside from finding the tree, we also did train ourselves to every possible abilities we can do in this hell; preparing ourselves to protect against the creature that may attack us again any time. Since we cannot perform our prime abilities, we focus on performing the abilities where we are quite fond of using of.

Luke has this pendant which one of the Master during our training give it to him. It is know as the- The Sword, it possesses the power to use anything as a weapon and is capable of generating a sword-like covers in pure sapphire fires. Which he uses to kill the two creatures on our first encounter in this unknown realm we are now.

There are several pendants known to us, some are obtain, some are still hidden against us. Each pendants has its own patterns. It can only be visible through great energy acting upon one self. Seth has the- The Beholder, which is given unto her during our third year training. It gives the holder the ability to tell a truth from someone’s lie. It does not much do in action, but it allows Seth to enhance her prime ability every time she uses this pendant.

While I have the- The Milky Way, which possesses the ability to create a light of righteousness that keeps me far from harm and can summon a Guardian wherever I am. But summoning a Guardian requires telekinesis in order for you to summon one. Summoning a Guardian is one of the hardest thing I did during our training which also requires mastery of my prime ability.

A Guardian is another faction that can be found in every kingdom of the magical realm. It is next to the Magi faction. They are said to be the ancient gods living on another realm way back thousands of years ago that visits the magical realm every full moon to help the people on enhancing their abilities and guide those who are lost.

After several generations, they are officially elected as one of the factions that would live on every kingdom. With that, some Guardians come down to the magical realm permanently, but some are left on their own realm to protect their own world from invaders. They help the Royalty to protect the kingdom where they live on. Guardians are one of the high faction on every kingdom before we are founded- The Seven.

There are eight factions that live harmoniously on every kingdom namely: The Royalty- which primarily the highest faction and the one that ruleth the kingdom in partnership with the Highest Council, but the Highest Council is not consider as one of the factions. They are only consider as a another group of Masters and Counsellors that seeks peace and order within the kingdom. Next to it- The Magis, The Guardians, The Knights, the Warriors, The Nobles, The Necromancers and the last one - The Commoners.

This are the basic factions of every kingdom in the magical realm and because of the increase of population in every kingdom, they created the sub-factions that would help them maintain the harmonious living in every kingdom. Since they are only five kingdoms left on the magical world each of the factions has their own leader except for the Royalty where the king is always going to be the leader. In the kingdom where the Seven City is built, the Seven are already part of the officials of the kingdom, but not as another faction.

We have control over all the factions except the Necromancers where only the Highest Council and the Royalty has the control over them. We train some of the new elected Warriors who come from being one of the Commoner faction. Most of the people who are already part of the fighting field are sort according to their family bloodline.

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