The Secret Light

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Chapter Fifteen

It has been weeks that we trek in this unknown realm and the only thing that keep us alive is hope that we will get out from this place. The walls moves every day changing its previous formation creating another alley which doesn’t exist from the previous day.

“How can we get out from this if we keep circling for days!” murmur Seth putting her hand resting against her knees.

“We cannot even put a sign to remind us that we already pass this alley.” she add

The hotness of the sun makes the trek more difficult. It makes the place scorch. We release a great amount of strength in order to make another step. The sun set its self from afar off. The sky is now amidst the darkness and light. Stars are starting to spark then after sometime the sky is totally pitch-black. The moon shines calmly at the clear sky standing out from the stars.

“We’ll rest here.” says Luke.

Then we start to create again another shelter for us for the night. Seth set up the fire that keep us warm in the night. The temperature of the place during the day is very averse when it is night. Sometimes we shiver every night since there is no blankets that would protect us. The fire that we set up every night is not enough to keep us warm for the whole night. As we fall into a deep sleep, there is a big bang that wakes us from our sleep. We straightly look at the alley where we heard the big bang. It so loud and clear that tremble us in fear since we know that it is a couple of feet away from us. Luke shows off his pendant and it spark then a sword-like appear before our eyes. He hold it like his already a master and then the blue fires covers the sword including his wrist. We hold our ground waiting to strike if ever the thing will attack us.

Then suddenly a dark blue light comes toward us we dodge before it and it hit the wall at our back. In the dark alley we could hear the metal screeches as it hit against the cement floor. We run towards it attacking it first before it would attack us again. But before we could strike on the thing. A form of human running towards us, with a dark blue light on its side. We pause watching the silhouette to reveal its face. As soon as we see it clearly we stand there amaze. Our selves fill with excitement, happiness and relief.

It was Cush.

He fires another light he hold on his hand on the creature. The dark blue light that almost hit us earlier wasn’t coming from the creature. It was Cush. Now I remember that it was Cush’s signature color. He fires another light again as the creature chasing him feet away. Then Luke leap before us striking the sword unto the creature that makes it groan as its body scattered into pieces on the floor. Cush countenance rise as he saw Luke stand in distance.

“Luke? Is that really you?”

He focuses on Luke then Luke gesture to look at his back and as soon as he saw us he run towards us. At last for the first time in forever were reunited again.

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