The Secret Light

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Chapter Sixteen

As soon as the sun rises again we start again our trek. But this time it is different from the others. Although were not complete, but I feel satisfy; only three is missing and I’m hoping that they are also in this realm that we could find each other. We could hear the sound of the moving walls from afar. It is so loud and clear echoing through the alleys. Cush did share his story about how he got here. According to his story I can tell that we have about the same hour that we got here. Cush says that he dream of a tree that was struck by great lightning, he could tell that it’s way beyond Mark’s capacity that he could not perform that kind of lightning he saw. There’s something odd about the lightning he says. Then as soon as the lightning struck that tree there was a great light then he faint and as he wake up he is already here. After Cush, Seth and Luke share also their different experience how they got here. Luke was lost in a rice field where it seems the rice field has no ending. While, Seth was lost in the spirit world where she could not find her way out. Every story seems odd, like there is something missing. I could not find the connection of stories they tell. I was lost in an abyss of blankness, then Cush saw a tree struck by lightning, Luke was lost in the rice field and then Seth was lost in the spirit world?

What’s the connection?

How would it help us?

We continue to trek the place as the sun is fully above us where it’s mighty scorch again the place. The apples that we had a couple of days ago were already gone. We now live in hope where sooner or later it will be consume by giving up. We take our rest in the corner of the last alley we turn to. Resting our body as our back hit against the walls. The walls are now covered with huge vines. Since we don’t have watch to tell is what time it is, we couldn’t figure what time also the walls will move or change. Our clothes were very ragged, face covered with dirt and a callous foot. We continue to trek the scorched place without anything that would help us to survive the very long day. The sun goes down as the pitch-black sky start to rule above. We make our shelter then decided that Cush will take the first hour watch.

The place is as quiet as a mouse searching its food in the night. I did not hear a single sound that would terrify us. After Cush took the first hour I volunteer to take the hour since I couldn’t sleep. I watch them sleep heavily in the calm night. After sometime, I found myself playing at the stars above shining brightly against the dark sky. Wishing that help would somehow fall from above that maybe someone is watching us, trying us.

Another day had gone but there is nothing odd happens. We settle in an alley we last turn into and I told Cush that I will the night watch. At first he would not allow it to happen but after sometime he gives up. He says that I’m such a hardheaded person. The night is still the same just like last night. A peaceful, pitch-black night without a single noise heard. Adrenaline rises as I fret about unfortunate things that might happen.

What if something big is coming?

My mind thinks of every possible event that might happen. After our encounter with Cush, I saw no sign of that monster that would attack us every night. It seems it is gone. I want to be happy thinking that no monsters would attack us in the night. At least we’ll be less worry, but something inside me keep saying that something is wrong that I should watch myself. After busying myself into nonsense things, I fall into a deep sleep.

I found myself floating in the abyss of blankness. Again. At the distant I saw an odd thing that I have never saw before, a great white light. Its light is the only visible thing in the middle of nowhere. Its rays create like a path. Without thinking twice I fly towards it and step on the rays. I could feel that the rays I’m stepping on is there but it seems nothing against the abyss. I take my first step, and then my second step following the rays where it might lead me. The great white light starts to grow now as every step I take is a way to get nearer it. I feel so calm and in peace. I could not feel any pain inside me as if everything is so peaceful. I don’t understand the feeling I had now.

Am I dead?

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