The Secret Light

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Chapter One

“Come and get me!” she exclaims, still running away from me without looking back.

“Stop running! I just want to know your name,” I shout back.

She runs until she stops beside the familiar fountain which has two lovely swans forming a heart.

I’ve been here.

I know it deep inside me; I’ve explored this place already. I see her sitting on the fountain playing with the waters. I walk towards her and examines her for her face is barely decipherable.

“Who are you?” I ask.

As she turns her head to look at me, a great green light passes by me, leaving mist in its wake. I wasn’t hit, but then everything became darkness. I see the woman shatter into dust and nothingness. I freeze as I see her disintegrate before mine eyes. I hear a dark evil laugh, surrounding and overwhelming me as if rejoicing for what he had done. I try to look back and again I see the green light coming towards me, I try to conjure my power but nothing happens. I cannot use my ability. I struggle in knowing that my power is gone, adrenaline pumping through my blood.

“No!” I scream with all my might.

I catch my breath as I wake up from my nightmare. My shirt is soaking wet, my heart beating fast like a running horse gone for a race.

The same fountain, same green light, same laugh.

It has already been 3 months.

The same girl.

Calming myself down from the terrible nightmare I just had is the first thing I do before I get to ponder about it. I raise my pale brown right hand, then an emerald float surrounded with seven stars that light up hovers above my palm and a sudden relief washes through me.

“It is not gone, my powers are still here,” I murmur.

The sun rises with great glory, bathing all the windows of our domicile in golden hue. Fowls of the air fly freely, riding the winds wherever they go.

As I throw the covers and get out of bed, I hear three distinct knocks from the door.

“Come in!” I yell as I turned on the coffee maker. I prepare two mugs then fills them with brewed coffee.

“Hey Noel,” greets Reu as he opens the door and walks across the room towards the couch.

“Morning, you’re up so early,” I respond as I give him the other mug.

A glimpse on my face from him tells me he knows what's happened and how affected I am last night. I silently stare at my cup for a couple of minutes.

“You had the nightmare again?” he solemnly asks.

I sigh.

"Yes,” I reply without hesitation.

I know I cannot lie, not when he also possesses the ability we all inherited from that fateful day. Then Reu moves to place his hand over mine.

“No!” I cast strongly then swiftly removes my hand under his.

I know I should allow him to see my nightmare so he could perhaps get something out of it that actually makes sense, but I just want to hide it from others. Yeah, I’ve been hiding the events from this dream for three months now because I want to figure this out first, figure out what it means to me, figure out why me.

“I can handle it, besides it is good for a person to have some bad memories sometimes,” I say then wear a bright smile that belied it from reality. It's just that I could not afford letting anyone worry because of my stupid nightmare.

“Whatever you say, I just want to help you,” he says as he sips more coffee.

“Thanks for your concern Ast, I really do appreciate it,” I tell him calmly.

He always wants to read my mind and see what my nightmare is. Well, it is not actually a nightmare. It just that it haunts me all the time since the first night I have dreamt about it. It’s been three months now since I started dreaming about the girl.

“I called Ishik last night to tell him to accommodate us today for the Reporting,” a girl says aridly as she barges in to my room.

It's Amilah, the eldest girl in the Seven. Well, we only got two girls and the rest are boys. She is like our guardian here; she takes care of us very well. Beside she is our leader’s assistant. She’s also bossy if one is acting childish in a serious moment.

“I thought it is his brother who'll do that?” says Reu with a-what-Ishik-will-accommodate-us expression on his face.

The Reporting is an annual event conducted by the Seven and has been going on since the proclamation of the peace. It’s a gathering where we, the Seven, are required to report updates before the Highest Council.

"Just shut up Ast! Sit there and drink your coffee!" tease Amilah stressing on Reu's other name.

"How dare you break our promise not to call each one of us with those freaking Seven names! We're not in front of any Master or the Highest Council!" angrily answer Reu

Each one of us, the Seven, has this other name as we entered into this crusade so called- the Seven names. We are named according to the chronological order of the Seven. Cush as Merk, Seth as Les, I as Lo, Luke as Tek, Mark as Ka, Reu as Ast and Amilah as Sin. They say that a new name should be given signifying the new birth of ourselves. But we promise to each other that we should just call our real names- our parents has given us, in our casual days and if there is no Highest Council or Master around us.

"Reu just calm yourself! It's not that big deal!" I protest.

"Noel's right!" agree Amilah.

"Noel! How could you-"

"Amilah just tell us why Ishik would not come and accommodate us in today's event!" I interrupt before Reu could finish his sentence.

Amilah takes a sit while explaining the reason why Ishik’s brother will accommodate us. My greatest concern is never the ride to the city; it is the reporting. I really think it runs in my blood to get easily nervous and have fingers that feel cold.

“Good morning! Having an early meeting?" asks Seth as she walks in the room.

“Did I miss something?” she adds.

“Nothing,” I respond coldly.

I still cannot get over with my dream. I know it means something--something that is somehow related about me, about who I really am.

“So cold huh? What’s wrong Lo?” asks Seth curiously

“You don’t want to know it!” interrupt Reu.

The sun is fully risen that all its radiance is enough to light half of the swamp located beside their quarters; different creatures are patrolling everywhere, finding prey. The wind coldly blows northeast and brings upon a light rain. Afterwards, Ishik arrives the sky above is dreary and in cold temperature.

“Have you activated your water resistant ability?” remind Luke.

Luke is actually the one who is so concerned about our health, he is like our personal health taker. No wonder many girls really do admire him and wish they’d have at least one date with him but he wouldn’t want those things to happen. He keeps saying to his admirers “I am waiting for my right one”.

“You don’t want to be embarrass in front of many people,” he adds in a laughing tone

“Already done Mr. Docky,” we answers in chorus in a bantering manner

“Stop those Mr. Docky name thingy! I don’t like it!” he murmurs

We went downstairs and meet Ishik standing beside the car. I need to prepare myself for this reporting I know this would be a difficult one. I hate it when I remember that although I have this ability that shows I’m different from my friends on earth, I’m still controlled and pulled by strings. We can do everything actually, if we just rebel against the Elders. Rebel. The perfect word that suits everything, but we cannot afford any loss. I just need to relax my mind and just ride the flow of the happenings because the more I over react, the more tensed it is.

“It is my pleasure to accommodate you guys,” greets Ishik and bows down his head

He opens the black silvery car paired of a shining pewter metal attach to the tires. The car has four doors two in front side by side and at the back; it has a rectangular flag with a different colours and an eagle-like with lions claw and a snake tail printed at the centre of the flag, it has an italic words written surrounding the image ‘MerkLesLoTekKaAstSin’, the Flag of the Seven. A soft shiny leather covers the chair descry us, it has a hexagonal shape carve with a line connecting to the centre of the shape. Each side of the shape a circle with a sign that corresponds to the Seven.

“Oh! How I’ve missed this car!” exclaims Luke as we sat at the chairs antithetically to each other

“Yeah! The scent never changed!” agrees Mark.

“But I prefer the newest one which the Highest Council has given to us!” I protest.

Thinking of today’s report, I don’t know what to do, I know it is not odd for us to report to the Highest Council- probably the most terror council ever been made. I thought; I felt cold throughout my body, I want to vomit but nothing would come out it feels like I’m going to a suffer a great agony. Ishik flies the car with moderate speed just enough to not cause dizziness. Cush pushes a button that makes the ambiance either noon, twilight, dusk, or night; the car flew throughout the dark and dreary sky with a light rain that makes the outside blurry. After a couple of minutes, we arrive at the entrance gate of the Seven City- the city the Seven had built three years ago and was named after their masters who are believed in some tales that they are the ones who broke the vessels that contained the seven spirits which the Seven inherited.

“Seven, we have arrived at the entrance gate of the City and according to the Council you need to take a bullet train ride to take you ’till the nearest station where the Council is located” says Ishik in the small speaker.

“But I will meet you there!” he adds.

“Thanks Ishik!” answer Amilah.

“I really don’t want to take those trains! It makes me nauseous!” mumble Reu as we walk towards a big gate that even giants could fit there.

The city is inlaid with seven foundation walls: first, it is inlaid with Beryl, secondly with diamond, thirdly it is inlaid with amethyst, fourthly a foundation of topaz, followed by an emerald and sixth inlaid with ruby and lastly it is inlaid with sapphire; the wall is seventy feet high and the breadth of each foundation is at least ten feet. As we entered the station, trumpets greet us with a welcoming vocal, soldiers are everywhere securing our safety, then a red carpet appeared in front of us; flags are raised side by side with a dye of maroon.

“Welcome Seven!” welcome the man with an average body and lightish brown complexion ruled his skin paired with two strong eyes. He wears a black suit- a formal one and shinning black shoes and a face with fakest smile I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

“Please come!” he command.

As we walk through the carpet, soldiers bow down with a great respect. The man who had just welcomed us also bow down his head before us, showing the traditional way citizens here in the city would do if they see us in public except for those who are really close to us.

“I am David Camron secretary of the second Seven Wing Station, I am sent by the Council to accommodate you and Ishik will meet you at the another station,” cast Mr. Camron as we shake his hands.

We stepped on a pure metallic train with an automatic doors and beautiful stewardess greeted us as we entered the first cabin of the train.

“Various of foods are all served at the dining room, your rooms are also ready, we change the covertures of the bed!” he announce pointing out the way to the rooms.

“Thank you, thank you for your hospitality,” says Seth in a child-like manner

“If you’ll excuse me, I have a case to do,” excused Mr. Camron and turned his self away from us and goes to the front of the train

“Guys! I’ll just take some rest! Wake me up if we had something to do” said Reu and then he vanished away

“I wonder when he’ll change! He acts often like that, every time we ride this train!” says Amilah berserkly

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