The Secret Light

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Chapter Four

I need to figure it out what had happened to me for these past few weeks. It seems odd; it does not make sense at all. I know that somehow that girl is related to me, feels like we had been friends for some decades. Everything is just as fractured as puzzle; I do not know what will I get after solving this feeling. I know my life will never be back as it was eight years ago. Yeah, eight years ago, the years where I felt being a normal person with no extra-ordinary abilities, having a life as a real human.

I want it back.

I want it back so badly that I could feel very human again. Those thoughts kept repeating for almost five years now after the searching of the Seven. As I got back to reality I opened the door of our house and entered in.

“Mom?” I shout as I open the front door.

“I’m home! Where’s everybody?” I finish.

I walk in the cold floor and feel the cold wind as it blew from the windows. It has been a tiring day. I went directly to the kitchen and opens the fridge. A pink note was hanging with a magnet on the fridge with a written note from my mother. It is written in a bold form and in a cursive manner; I took and read it. This is usually my mother’s style in telling me if I’m not at home. After sometime, I went to my living quarter. Laying down my body into the soft, huge, and sweetened aroma bed. It had been a couple of days before I felt the same way as I went to sleep. Space of minutes my eyes close and I fell into a deep sleep.


"Wake Up! Your breakfast is ready!” Mom shout and knock the door for several times.

It is already 0500 Hours which is usually my waking up time. I'm still craving to sleep again but mom’s knocking door noise gives a cue to my body to stand up from bed. My strength is not yet recovered after having some really bad weeks.

“Marvis, initiates morning mode” I mumble out from my sleepy feeling

“Initiating Morning Mode” a cold-computer male voice said out of nowhere.

Then suddenly the curtains that covers the clear as crystal glass windows open allowing the sun rays to hit the marble case floor that have a different design. Light turns on, cabinets that are full of different clothes opens, bunch of different shoes filed up according to their uses shows up. The living quarter is full of different arts hanged up on each wall, furniture's are placed to add beauty of the room. Jacuzzi fill up itself with warm water and aroma which is a perfect scenery for a tropical country burst out. After taking the bath which I missed for a very long time, I went directly to the school with my brother.


This is how I would describe my life at school of the real realm unlike from the school of the other world which has a lot of fun and things to do. I do sometimes the things which are really a bad doings for an honor student in order for me just to visit the magical school.

“Hey? I have a party tonight” said a man in flat-tone voice

“So what Ton?” I replies coldly.

“It means you’re invited and you should come” Ton reply

“I’m not sure if I can come, I still have a lot of things to do” I reason out making an excuse from him

“Well, sorry to tell you, but attendance is a must!” he answers straightly.

I did not make another word before he vanishes from my sight. That means that I should go to his “party” which is usually not my type. Ton has been a great friend of mine during my third year in training. He is like a big brother to me, he helps me during the time when I find some problems hard to solve. He is a warrior of the Seven City and does served the Royalty for almost half of his life, although his family bloodline is not in “warrior” class. But still he was classified as a warrior because he did passed the training and was obliged to serve the Royalty which now are rare. There are only five families recorded left classified as a Royalty, one from the Seven City, two from Northern Kingdoms, one from Eastern Kingdom and the other one is on the border between the two Kingdoms which had been divided after their civil war. He is good at weapons, any piece of thing he can turn it as a weapon. After our school, I went directly to our house to change and prepare myself for the party.

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