The Secret Light

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Chapter Five

I arrive at Ton’s residence where loud music’s, disco lights and a lot of people greets me as I stand at the backyard of the house. Suddenly a man opens the backyard sliding door where loud music’s are now well heard, the beat of the music makes my heart beats as the bass drop its tune . It was Ton. He is in his usual type of fashion although he is Warrior, but the way he wear clothes is different that you cannot even say that he is Warrior.

“Come on!” Ton says as he gestures me to come inside

“I thought this a formal one?” I ask.

“You know me; I don’t like the sound of it” he answer as we press ourselves within the crowd

We passed a bunch of people drinking, partying and showing off their abilities to impress the multitude. Junk foods wrappers scattered all throughout the floor where no man even bother to clean it up. We went to the centre probably the living room of the house. I saw some familiar faces and some who aren’t on my list. Ton took two glasses of wine one for him and for me.

“Am I only the Seven invited?” I ask trying to compete the loud music

“Nope, I ask all of you, you’re just the first one to arrive” Ton declare

“He’s not, I’m already here as the party start!” interrupt the young male out from the crowd

“Reu! How are you man?” happily Ton greet

“Never been better” Reu reply ridiculously

After sometime, the Seven is now complete and Ton made a toast for the successful report of the Seven and wish for us that we can overcome the Trial the Highest Council planning to give for us. We drank the whole night and act as a real young people, partying there, partying everywhere as if tomorrow does not exist. I went home almost midnight and drink some refreshment beverages to reduce the effect of the wine.

As I lie basking on my bed, a sudden thought crosses my head. “This task is different from the other trials” Ton’s words made me think for a moment. Will he be right about this thing that it will be different from the others? The Highest Council never give us some hint or even a clue about our this year’s Trial.

It is already months now after our reporting, and still there’s no clue about the task. I’m still dreaming about the girl that I never knew. There was this dream that I thought I could finally see the girl’s face. I saw her lying in the cold cement floor lifeless and a reddish paint flowing from her side. As I walk towards her I saw that it wasn’t a red paint but blood. Blood that stain the cement and her body is so pale white as snow. As I try to turn her body to see her face, I was stopped but what I saw.

Dead bodies lying on the floor, lot of bloods shed the floor. It looks like there was just a bloodbath taken in this place. Guns are scattered all over the place, I cannot tell how many dead bodies are there since fog restricts my ability to see clearly. After a deep long thought, I made up my mind and reach back again the girl. But before I could see her face, a group of armored people in white suits grabbed me away from the girl. I shout with all my might trying to escape from their hands. I struggle to escape from the armored people. I don’t feel any of my strength, it feels like I have just my war with the strongest opponent I could ever imagine and took all of my strength. I cannot use any of my abilities, I’m weak.

“No!” I bawl.

There was also some night where I dreamed not about the girl but some random event that I actually found it amusing. I wish sometimes that I would have those dreams which a normal human could have. Not thinking if it is somehow related to your life, or just a glimpse of future. Every day I have is a normal one, no odd things or even mysterious accidents. But, there was this day where a car accident happens in front of me, I told the other Seven about this but they believe that it just a normal car accident.

They say that I just make some false assumptions in order to make an excuse or reason to investigate it. But I know what I saw, during the car crash there was a “sunbird” flew that make a great white light instead of red. It shines so brightly blinding my eye, it like in its ethereal form. It is a myth in some native tribes east from the city that there is this god that forms like a bird and has a countenance of a great white light. They say that it could guide someone and help them to find what they’re seeking for. Every time I think about the accident things are getting worst and I could feel that there are humans living inside my head hunting me down. Then a voice cut my deep thinking about the things I should never think about.

“Are you okay?” ask the man in a soft and cold manner

“Yeah, I think so,” I reply

“Still thinking about the accident?” he ask

“Does Dr. Kin already check you up?” he add

“Yeah, she did almost every day,” I told him sincerely

“If you need help just call me,” he offer.

“Thank you Mark, I will!” I respond and sigh heavily.

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