The Secret Light

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Chapter Six

I found myself running on a cold cement floor where big walls are on my sides standing with might. I saw people running also at my back, as if we are running away from something. My feet run without hesitation as if I’m one of their crusade. Run. Turn. Turn. Run. Turn. We did it repeatedly doing the same action for almost an hour. We keep passing at different corner without dropping our pace, it is like an endless zone we’re running in. Heart beats fast as a sudden change of setting and saw the girl again lying on the floor- lifeless. Her pale skin shines in her dark ragged clothes with her blood shedding the floor. Blur did hide her face that I could not exactly see her face. She has this most cute little red pinkish lips that perfectly match her pale skin. Long dark amber hair place as her pillows, her hands lying flat against the floor.

“Who are you?” I mumbled.

Slowly reaching her body once again, as I am inch away from her body I slowly reach her face as my heart beats fast like before. At last after thousands of year I finally could answer my questions.

“Master! Your fifteen minutes late!” announce Marvis from the speaker.

My dream immediately vanishes as I wake up from it. A sudden sad feeling strikes me as I stand up from my bed. I’m almost there to have my answer about the identity of the girl. I walk to my bathroom to have my bath, slowly turning on the showers and showers my body in the warm water. Marvis has nothing to do with it. It is not his fault to wake me up and give a short hope in finding the answer.

I told Mark about the dreams I had, and there was this time that I allow him to see what my dreams is. But it turns out that he cannot see my dream it’s like that the dream has its own mind that hide itself from others. I tried everything to show it to Mark so that he could really understand what I am feeling right now but nothing happened. A couple of months past, I started to doubt if the Highest Council will still give us the task for this year.

The night is still peaceful as it was, the moon shines so bright so as to the stars twinkling at the pitch-black sky. I found myself lying on my bed playing at the ceiling. After sometime, I fall into a deep sleep and for the first time I feel comforted.

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