The Secret Light

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Chapter Seven

I was sitting on a the floor but the floor wasn’t there, it is somehow like I am floating in space. Gathering enough strength, I command to my body to stand up and look for a better view of where I am. I slowly walk on the invisible floor as I look down, an abyss of darkness conquer my beneath. I doubt to take another step since there is no assurance if the path would lead me somewhere safer.

Hours passed according to my counting, I still found myself walking in the space of darkness. My knees are very tired so as my feet starting to quit and feel to give up. Suddenly, I hear water streaming down looking to every possible area where the water might come. I was shock finding out where the water is coming from. Little by little the water rises and now it is on my knee level. I immediately run wherever my feet would bring me to. The water keep rising until it was on my chest level; I try to bend the water but nothing happens. I cannot use any of my powers.

Adrenaline rushes through my vein sending messages that I should escape it before I’ll be drown. Struggling to walk faster, the water is now on my mouth level, I could barely breathe enough before I would run out of oxygen. Then I decides to let my body float allowing the water to drive me where ever the tail end is as if there was. The water did now cover my whole body making it drown. Still holding my breath from beneath the water, I must not lose hope in finding a way although it is really impossible to escape. Appeasing with the situation I closed my eyes and only a second now I will run out of oxygen. The water keep rising but the alley seems eternal, I cry for help but no words come out from my mouth. I know I’ll die from this rushing water, I try again to bend the water hoping that my abilities are back, but nothing happen.


Letting the water drive me wherever it lead me as my whole body is being drown into the water. A strange feeling flowing from my very skin sending cold feeling like an ice covering my whole body.

“Close your eyes”

A cold voice whisper before my ears. I could not identify whether it is a boy or girl’s voice. Everything now is dark, the water kept flowing and driving me wherever it may lead me. Not knowing if there’s an exit, as the water hold me from breathing I flick my hand again hoping that something might happen.

No one can save me.

“Close your eyes”

The voice whisper again in a manner that it somehow commanding me. I did not know what to do, the water is now strangulating me. Killing me in any seconds. Struggling, I close my eyes, following what the cold voice whispered to him.

Then everything went black.

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