The Secret Light

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Chapter Eight

Everything went cold, deafening silence run to my ears as I gain my consciousness . Trying to open my eyes to see where the water had taken me, but there seem not enough strength to open them. After gathering myself back together, I manage to give a slight strength to my eyes slowly opening it and beholding what is in front of me. I was astound of what I saw.

A dull alley with massive walls surrounds me at each side, twenty-feet high according to my calculations. I saw some old bricks that covers some part of the wall. I could not walk for the first three attempt, but re-gain my strength and slowly able to take the first step in the unknown realm. I examine every part of the place I have to walk on. After at least fifty steps, two possible ways exist in my left and right; another alley I thought.

Confuse where to go next, whether to go left or right side. I could not think much because of the earlier happening, still could not imagine how the water lead me here. But before I could make my final decision, a loud scream echoes through the massive walls vibrating the entire floor. Heart beats fast again, I look in my right side then left wondering where the voice came from. Another scream echo but this time it terrifies me knowing whose voice is it.

It was Seth.

Seth’s voice.

Adrenaline rushes through my body wanting to find and hug her. How could she end up like this?. I pray that this was just a dream, a dream where my fellow Seven could be in one place. I run as fast as I can turning in every alley I find not knowing where else to go.

“Seth!” I shout.

Calling out her name in the unknown place, massive walls are still standing there like it has been built thousands of years ago. Creating diversions from the real path that leads to the exit.

“Seth! Where are you?” I yell.

Then suddenly a body hug me from the back, her heavy breaths from her mouth touches my olive skin. I look back and hug her as if we did not see each other for a very long time.

“Noel!” cries Seth.

“The moment I heard your voice I run to find you as fast as I can” I mumble as I hug her tightly

We did hug each other one last time and then decide to look for the exit. Hoping that there is an exit. We trek the place for almost an hour, Seth did not let go of my hand as we make turn in every alley that we meet.

“Are we the only one here?” curiously ask Seth.

“I try my telepathy but nothing happened” she adds.

“You mean you cannot use your prime ability?” I ask.

Knowing that Seth is incapable of using her ability, we had no chance to contact the others and let them know that we are here. Memories flashes back as I overthink the situation. I should not get worry as long Seth around me I feel safe. But how can we go back to the real world?. Hoping that there is an answer to every question I ask to myself.

The sky is now dark we did not even notice that the sun already set. The massive walls hold us back to recognize what time is it the sky is only our basis to guess time. Stars appear above sparkling like flashlights in the pitch-black sky forming their constellations. Then a sudden nostalgia rush to my body. Wanting to go back. To the real world.

“We should find a shelter to stay for the night” suggest Seth.

As soon as we find an intersection of alleys, we decided to build the shelter so that if someone is out there they could see us easily. Creating things out from nothing is my specialty Master Shukoji did help me to enhance this sub-ability of mine while we are in training eight years ago. Waving my hand focusing on creating a shelter that would keep us safe for the night. But nothing happen, there is no single material appear before our eyes the corner remain blank. Plain. I try it again thinking that maybe because I am exhausted from the happening today I am not able to this ability. Seth did try helping me creating a shelter, but still there is no effect. The corner remains blank.

“Don’t tell me your telekinesis is block too?” ask Seth.

“Maybe” I reply blankly.

Thinking about the happening today makes me think that I could not handle it anymore. First, Seth and I were sent into this freaking unknown place where I think nobody had ever been here; Secondly, Seth’s prime ability- telepathy is no use and now mine too?. I still could not fathom the happenings today.

Why me?.

Why this horror things keep happening to me?


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