Supernatural Bound: Phoenix Chosen

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This is book 1 in the Supernatural Bound Series. Gracie is a high school student who lives in a world full of supernaturals. Each person is a Vampire, Lycan, Werewolf, Witch, Warlock, or a type of shifter. For her, she's human. She has to hide that she has no abilities from the others. Her mother died to protect her and now? How many more will die to get to her?

Fantasy / Romance
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Aura was limping, her breathing rugged. Maki had his witches and warlocks scouring the countryside for her and her child who has been handed over to her true father, Lucas Carter.
She understood that for her daughter to live, she needed to stay out of sight and smell of the supernatural beings till her time came.
Aura froze as soon as she sensed Maki and his powerful coven.
"Hello Aura! Lovely timing. Don't you think?" He said to her, his lips curled up in a scowl. "Now, what were we talking about last time we met?"
She turned to face him and replied, "Hello to you too Maki. You're too late, she's finally safe from you and all others."
She took a deep breath, her chest rising as the wind picked up. When she let out the breath, thunder and lightning lit up the dark, smoky grey clouds.
Maki watched her use her power in awe. He loved Aura's ability and could have used her in his coven, but since she was the mother to the devil child itself, he needed to kill her. He knew that his coven could sense it too. Maki looked to his second-in-command and gave a curt nod. In a blink of an eye, a scrap of metal flew by his face and struck Aura straight through the heart.
He sighed, watching her fall and the blood pool beneath her. He shot a fireball and lit her body before saying, "Oh Aura, I always liked you. You were a strong, yet stubborn fighter. I just hope your kid will be smarter than you were to take me on."
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