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Book 1.5 in my Royal Wolf Series. (can be read as a stand-alone. It takes place between book 1 and 2. It's not listed as part of the series because you can't add .5) Antonio was shunned from his family, and alienated from and by his community. He feels worthless and unlovable. Cadence refuses to let him go without a fight. Will she win? Will he be able to get past all his insecurities and be the bear she needs?

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Nicole Davis
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I woke up with a start, covered in sweat, breathing hard like I just ran a marathon. Just like the last ten mornings. It's been like this since they died, around their birthday and the anniversary of their deaths.

I shower trying to clear my head before I head to town. I didn't grow up here but the three towns in the area shared elementary and high school's so everyone here knows me but it was far enough away I could still let Diego out and not be worried about scaring people.

Two hours later I arrive at the hardware store. I need supplies to fix a broken window and my messed up stairs. I've been putting off fixing the stairs at my cabin because I hate coming here, my parents are important to the shifter community, my they are both doctors and with that importance comes influence and with their's they had me shunned. Their last living child and they abandoned me and everyone else abandoned me too.

The owner Randy glares at me and says "you better not be here to cause trouble."

I raise my hands, "I'm just here to buy a saw, window and some. 2x4s oh and some nails".

A beautiful blonde pops out of the back and winks at me, "I've got it dad." she says but he snaps at her and tells her to go outside.

I don't remember Leon and Griffin having a sister. They are probably the only two people around here that don't give me a hard time. Randy tells me to keep my eyes to myself when he catches me watching her leave.

I pay and head out back to get my window and 2x4s. It looks Like Griffin is here today, he waves and takes the order form from his sister. What the hell is her name? This is a bit frustrating.

She bounces up to me, "would you like to get a drink sometime?"

oh... This isn't good, I'm not good for sweet girl like her.

"I... I am not good for sweet girl like you." I say, weirdly nervous.

She giggles "maybe I want a bad boy".

Griff yells at her that he's got everything loaded up. Her name is Cadence, it's beautiful and perfect like her. Cadence tries to push me in to going out with her but I can't give in, I'll destroy her. I try to explain it to her but she just has to push it.

"Is it because my Dad hates you?"

"No.. Well I suppose that's kind of the reason but, no".

Griffin and I chat for a bit after Randy damn near drags Cadence back inside.

On my way home I head to the grocery store. I stock up on some essentials but I usually come up twice a month for other stuff. I have a garden so I can have fresh salad and it won't go bad in the fridge but there are things I just cant grow up here.

I run into Leon on my way in he stops and says hi then asks "Did dad give you any trouble?"

I choke out a laugh "not trouble exactly but he definitely made sure I knew I wasn't welcome".

Leon chuckles at me and then tells me if there is anything else I need he'd be more than happy to bring it out to me. It's a nice offer but I don't think that I should take him up on it. His father wouldn't like it if he found out and I don't want families fighting because they did something nice for me.

He turns to me more serious this time and steps closer, "look Tony, I know the anniversary is coming up, If you'd like someone to sit down and have a drink with let me know. I remember what it was like coming back from war and I remember what it was like losing someone I cared about".

I turn to him and say thanks and we go our separate ways. Inside the store I grab food and some other things I see while I am walking around. After I check out I head next door to the liquor store and purchase some Crown Royal and some Kokanee. Lucky for me both of those brands make an infused brew for shifters.

Alcohol doesn't have much of an effect on us but you infuse it with wolfsbane and we can get drunk. Unfortunately it also costs a lot more but I guess the fact this is the only time of year I hit the bottle to get wasted it's not so bad.

When I get home I put away my groceries and get to work installing my new window. When I'm done with that a couple hours later I decide to let Diego go for a wander. Diego is a good bear, he's calm most of the time but not everyone is so lucky. I remember Gabriel telling me him and his bear would fight for control a lot.

Diego wanders for half hour before he heads back to the cabin and when I shift back Riley is sitting on my little deck.... oops. I totally forgot she was coming over.

She smiles seductively at me and sways her hips as she walks up to me I remember that item on my list that I forgot to buy. Condoms. I'm not really in the mood to see anyone right now so I suppose it doesn't matter.

"Riley, I am so sorry but I'm not really up for company right now. Do you think you could come by another time?"

she pouts, "but Antonio I drove all the way here".

I raise an eyebrow "Riley, you live fifteen minutes away".

She pleads with me, "Tony please. I really need to let off some steam."

I sigh, "sorry, but you know the anniversary is coming up and I just, I just need to be alone".

She nods and hops in her truck and drives away. It is still pretty early so I might as well fix my stairs.


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