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An old code that has been long forgotten will either be the death or the saving grace for one Wolf. Too much has happened over the centuries for Were kind. The Prides of the Felines have decreased in number while the Packs of Rouge Wolves has done nothing but increase in numbers and evil. All of this is coming to a boiling point and soon it will burst. At the center of it all a little Omega will find that he is not just what he appears.

Fantasy / Other
Heather Punko
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At the top of the food chain is the Alpha. At the bottom is the Omega. The Alphas are the strongest in the Pack while the Omegas are the weakest. That is how it is and how it has always been. It is the job and the duty of the Alpha to protect their Omegas for they are the path to a bright future. They are meant to Balance each other in all things. The overly powerful Alphas needed a gentle Omega hand to love them unconditionally. However, the times had changed and over the centuries that has been lost in almost every Pack and Pride of Weres out there. Omegas are treated as slaves in most Packs or even worse in others. It was the beginning of the end for all.

In some Packs it was do as you’re told or be killed. Soon there were only a small handful of Packs that were not that way and only one of those Packs had any major play in what the Packs did in the world of the Werewolves. To the last Balanced Pack, however, there was not Balance in their next generation.

Kin, their next Alpha, had no Mate.

Kin’s Mate was not in his Pack and no one knew what that meant for their future. Every Alpha before him had a Mate within the BloodStar Wolves, so when Kin turned 18 years old and his Wolf, Julius didn’t even sniff the air at anyone, no one knew what to do.

Kin’s parents sent out pleas to the other Alphas but no others could sway Julius to even blink.

Giving up hope, Kin had told his parents to end the search and that his Mate would come to him eventually. The Moon Goddess knew what she was doing and Kin had to trust in her wisdom. Kin did as he instructed in himself and put his efforts into building his inner strength as well as outer strength for when the Goddess did send his Mate, he could protect them. He knew of the dangers outside of his territory and if his precious Mate lived beyond his borders he would need to have enough knowledge to keep them safe from anything or anyone that came after Kin. After all, Kin would be Alpha of one of the largest Werewolf Packs in the World, he would have more than his fair share of enemies in the future.

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