Mortal Queen of Wolves

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Farrah Knight is a mortal who stumbles on hard times as her mother’s medical bills pile up. She works extra shifts, still not able to pay the bills down. Farrah finds an ad for an opening at the Mayweather palace as a maid, which could make all her troubles fade away. What is Farrah to do when the Prince, who has a dark past, returns from active duty and the Luna Queen asks her to oversee all of her son’s care, and the Prince would rather be left alone. Farrah, learns that the Mayweather family is withholding a secret she never thought was imaginable?

Fantasy / Romance
C.C. Lopez
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I rest in a chair next to the hospital bed, staring blankly at my mother whose once sun gold skin is now pale as snow. Her beautiful blonde hair has turned to straw and her radiant green eyes are now glossy and crimson.

As she tries to sleep, I think of how only six months ago she was perfectly healthy and never got sick in her life now she could be on her deathbed. The only thing I can do is pray and think positively.

Glancing at the clock on the wall, realizing my shift at the diner is going to start soon so I stand placing a gentle kiss on my mother’s forehead and cover her then walk to the door turning to give her one last glance before walking out the door.

I cherish each moment with her as if it is my last. The specialists have told me she seems to progress well, but there are days harder than others.

The medical bills have piled up and my diner salary just doesn’t cut it even with taking on multiple shifts. I had to postpone school until she gets better, which I know she feels guilty for, but no one expects this stuff. I would never blame her.

As I walk through the hall of the hospital, I notice an announcement board on the wall with some job listings. I stop to investigate.

“Maid needed for the Mayweather palace, room, and board, medical with exceptional pay” It reads, and this could not come at a better time. I quickly rip the ad off the board, sticking it in my bag, and hurry for the exit.

When I enter the diner, I place my things behind the counter and begin my shift. The night drags on with the usual customers. I spend most of the night refilling coffee and taking orders along with answering the phone for Togo’s.

As my shift ends after working a double, the sun is rising so I grab my things then wave goodbye to my coworkers hurrying back to the hospital to check on my mother.

My dad passed when I was two, so it has only been my mom and me. I have watched her struggle to put food on the table and make sure I had everything I needed, but not once did I see her smile waver, nor did I ever see her cry. She has been strong and independent, never needing a man. I must have got her will to be independent because I have steered clear of men altogether.

I enter the hospital going straight up to my mother’s room opening the door to see her watching her favorite Tv show. I step in with a smile. “Hey, have you eaten?” I asked, taking a seat in the chair next to her.

She smiles weakly at me. “Yeah, we had ravioli” She sighs with half a grin and I give her one in return, placing my hand on her forearm.

I let her continue her show while I pulled out the ad I took from the hospital and glanced at the clock: it’s seven in the morning. The palace should be up and running so I pull out my phone and stand noticing my mother has fallen asleep so I tiptoe into the hall to make the call.

The line rings for a few seconds when a corky Receptionist answers. “Good morning, Mayweather Palace how may I assist you?”

“Hello, my name is Farrah Knight. I saw the ad for a maid. Is this position still available?”

The woman takes a second to answer as if she is checking. “Yes, would you like me to set up an interview for you with the royal coordinator?” She asks, pausing for my answer.

“Yes, please, I can come today,” I tell her, hoping for this chance.

“Of course, I will put you down for ten does that work for you?” She inquires.

“I will be there,” I say with an enthusiastic tone.

“Okay, we will see you then,” She replies.

“Thank you,” I utter joyfully, and I hear her tapping at the keys on her computer.

“Of course, Miss Knight,” She adds then ends the call.

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