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Alazar toyed with his new gift for sword smithery. Swinging his blade against Teverius’ Whirling hatchets.

“You were always good but not like this!” Teverius crossed his hatchets to block the sword coming down near his face.

“I can anticipate your movements.”

“How about now?” Teverius tossed the sword from near his face and spun in a crouch. Twirling hatchets in his hands as he attempted to swipe at Alazar several times. But each of them, Alazareth was able to foresee the attack. Blocking each blazing strike.

“You’re so fast I can hardly see them!” Alazar cried. Though somehow his sword reflexively blocked every high-speed onslaught.

“I know!”

“It’s impossible!” Alazar shouted. Deflecting another blow, he barely saw coming. “Cease before you take off my head!” Despite his great skill the hatchet attack was terrifying in its intensity.

Laughing, Teverius stopped. Hair falling down his back in a white sheet.

“How does all that not get in your face?” Alazar pointed to the hair with his sword.

“I’m moving too fast. It can’t catch up.”

“Insanity.” Alazar shook his head. Just as he turned to walk away, he came face to face with their strongest fighter.

“Chavias.” Teverius grumbled in distaste. Looking away.

“Care for another match, now that you’ve terrified ol’ Alazar, here?”

“He didn’t terrify me!”

“No?” Chavias eyed him. “You looked a mite afraid.” Steel gray eyes unwavering on Alazar.

“Don’t call me afraid.” Alazar lifted his sword before his face. Clearly in challenge.

“What about you, Little Brother?” Chavias looked to Teverius. “Care to help him?”

“It won’t take two of us.” Alazar said. Though his voice lacked conviction.

Chavias gave him a derisive look. “You’ve both sparred with me afore and neither of you could best me before. You think so much has changed?”

“We’re much better now.” Teverius grinned.

“Good.” Chavias reached over his back and drew his dual curved swords. “I like a challenge. And neither of you were much of one afore.”

Growling in rage, Teverius came at him swinging both hatchets in a windmill motion. But Chavias blocked both effortlessly as he rotated his swords. Eventually catching one hatchet enough to send it flying from Teverius’ hand.

Alazar, seeing the thinner man was far outmatched, decided to join the fray. But as he moved near Chavias’ side, Chavias whipped his head to the front to flick his eyes side to side. Keeping them both in view. Utilizing his swords independently he blocked every assault. Ducking when needed, crouching, turning and moving with expert footwork.

Teverius and Alazar called to each other to coordinate attacks, but their every move was effortlessly countered by Chavias.

Enraged, Teverius shouted profanity and belted both his hatchets. Stalking from the lawn in a huff. Passing Deragan. Who’d been watching in astonishment.

“Impossible.” He murmured. “What have we become?”

“Not fast enough to best him yet!” Teverius turned and gave a frustrated gesture toward Chavias who was now beating back Alazar in a vicious attack. “’Tis unfair since he can fight equally on both sides.”

“His hands do respond in separate attacks.”

“It’s inhuman!” Teverius snorted stomping up to the house. “He’s purely demonic.”

Deragan watched Chavias intently.

Rhyers wandered out to stand next to him. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m immensely glad he’s on our side.”

“No shit!” Rhyers shook his head.

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