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A Claiming

“What?” He blinked in confusion. “I fear I wasn’t tracking.” He shook his head. Trying to clear his dull mind.

“I’ve dreamt of you.” Her eyes were riveted on his face, unfazed.

His brows furrowed and he stared at her. “I don’t understand.”

“Nor do I.” She smiled in a self-deprecating way. “But I was walking this path today, going to NightVille. And here it is.” She gestured to the house then over to him. “Here you are.”

“Perhaps you’ve seen me afore?” He offered, easing closer to get a better look at her. B her face. Taking in every detail.

“No. I watched you leading those men into that canyon. I saw where I was. Who I was. And I fell to save you. Because I…loved you…” She reached and caressed his cheek.

She seems stunned at her own words.

Good. I’m not the only one.

“What? How-” He started. Stunned at the writhing of his animal just beneath his skin.

An instinctive desire to claim her. For my wolf to mark her as mine.

It has to be her. He remembered feeling it in the canyon. But not like this. Not like my beast feeling it now.

“I know how crazy it sounds!” She laughed. Mistaking his silence for skepticism rather than astonishment. “But I swear to you it’s the truth.”

“I think we should talk.” He said flatly.

So she can explain to me what this is about...Who she is...

She nodded.

He stepped back and her hand slid from his face. “Would a picnic suit you? Perhaps here on the lawn?” He offered, evading her touch. “I could have heat blocks warmed for us and find you a cloak.” He offered, hoping offering a picnic out here would ensure her he didn’t have questionable intentions. He waited in suspense for her response.

What if she’s not whom she seems?

She nodded, beaming. “I have so much to tell you!”

“I’ve many questions.”

True to his word, he ordered a quick picnic prepared of cured meat and warm bread. Setting out a blanket and carefully wrapped the heat blocks. After she was seated, he laid them to each side of her.

“May I?” He asked, raising a thick wool mantle.

She nodded and lifted her hair for him to lower the cloth over her shoulders and tuck it around her. Her hair fell back into place. He caught the faint aroma of vanilla. Felt the brush of the satin tresses across the back of his hand. Making his breath hitch.

“Are you cold?” She shot him a worried glance.

Tight lipped he shook his head as he sat opposite her.

They ended up talking far later then he’d intended. The sky was fully dark, and he was forced to walk the beautiful young woman home.

Stolen time with her.

Deragan was riveted. Not only by Lacey’s beauty but by her intellect and kind heart. She spoke long of her loved ones. Mother, father and older sister.

He was shocked when she turned his shoulders and pushed him against a tree. Pressing her lips to his.

With a feral growl his hand dropped to her lower back. Molding her to him. And sliding lower to scoop a firm buttock.

He moaned in pleasure. Feeling his blood pumping and temperature climbing with his arousal.

“Is that the wolf?” She pulled slightly back to ask. Seeing his eyes were blue with black slits cut down the center.

He nodded, brow knitting.

She surged against him again.

With a snarl he rolled her back to the tree and slid up her skirts. Palming her creamy thighs as he found his way to her heat.

She moaned and her head fell back. He dropped kisses along her neck as he loved her with adept fingertips.

She writhed against him and immediately he had darker thoughts.

I want more.

They were both fumbling for the laces on his breeches and in moments he was guiding her onto his length.

She hissed slightly and grabbed the bark of the tree trunk against a sudden pain.

He stopped abruptly. “I’m sorry.”

But his wolf was close to taking over. His body shook and sweat was beading on his brow with the need to take her.

Claim her for mine.

“Go.” She whispered.

And Deragan did. Surging within her and unable to resist sinking his teeth into the side of her neck. Leaving a toothmark scar.

A mark that declares her as my possession.

When she peaked, her body clenched him as she writhed in pleasure. Releasing a surge of energy that made the remaining leaves on skeletal branches above them sway in an unseen wind.

Panting he dropped his forehead to hers. Feeling like decades of need had just been sated in one simple act.

Then he realized the gravity of it. Staring at her in horror he took a step back and let her skirt fall.

“Calm, Wolf.” Lacey whispered. “You’re mine too. You’re honor won’t be questioned...”

As if she knows me. He swallowed. Stunned at his volatile reaction to this woman.

I took her next to the road like a heathen.

“Like an animal.” She corrected. Gazing at him with penetrating soft blue eyes.

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