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Safekeeping with a Viking

“Except you Acharius. You will remain.” Deragan pointed to the right wall of the foyer where the bearded blonde giant dutifully walked to stand.

The only other one that remained was Sebastian. Standing stoically in Deragan’s foyer with his arms crossed over his chest.

I knew he’d fight me. Deragan took the stairs down to him.

Sebastian watched him. Blue-green eyes expressionless. Usual laughter absent.

“You will go.” Deragan said.

“May I argue?”

“No. You may say your piece. But you will go.”

Sebastian swore. “If I leave you and the Fallen,” He gestured up at Lacey. “You’ll be vulnerable here. He’s already been hunting us on your territory.”

Deragan blinked at him.

Seeing his words had no effect, Sebastian blew an aggravated breath but complied. Turning and leaving as the large feline. Heading back to Grier, with a roar.

Deragan turned to the only knight remaining. The one he’d directed to stay. A brawny man.

Acharius Sevence. A former Viking who doesn’t hesitate in battle and has a deeper sense of duty then most.

“You must take the artifacts. Find somewhere dark and deep in the earth to keep Radix from sensing them. We have to protect them from both Ardae and the Upper Lands.”

Radix will use their power to end humanity.

Acharius nodded gravely, understanding what Deragan entrusted him with.

Ardae was so similar to the UpperLands. A reflection of the world they’d come from but more lovely. Tucked on another plane and hidden by its magical elements. And many sacred creatures that had long ago gone extinct in the world Deragan had grown up in, still ran rampant in Ardae. Mythical creatures.

But here, they call dragon’s ‘dragons’.

In the UpperLands the rarest creatures had been hunted.

Like we were hunted there. Deragan recalled. Billar Canyon was in that world. Where they’d been cornered and prepared to be massacred until The Fallen. His gaze glided up to his beautiful wife. Who’d silently watched, heartbroken, as the men that had become like brothers to her were chased from her home.

In the UpperLands people had realized we weren’t aging and there were too few places to hide. We were driven here.

“Where are they?”

Deragan was distracted from his pensive thoughts when Acharius asked.

He and Deragan found a husk bag dense enough to carry the weight of the treasures. Together, they wrapped the artifacts in old cloths used for just that purpose for decades. Then piled the artifacts carefully within the bag.

“Be careful.” Deragan cautioned.

Don’t let Radix get his hands on them.

Acharius nodded gravely, understanding the importance of his task.

Deragan released his grip on the bags and in short order, Acharius was on his way to find a deep den.

Somewhere dark, and safe, and preferably close to water. Which will make it harder for Radix to sense them.

There, Acharius would hide the greatest treasures of the Forever Knights.

Leaving Deragan alone to protect his precious wife.

Sniffling she reached a hand down toward him.

Climbing the stairs with a pained sigh he aimed for her. Taking her small hand and wrapping his arms comfortingly around her.

They’ll be okay. They’re the toughest creatures alive.

"I know that, Deragan." She said in that warm way she seemed to sense his need. "But do you?"

His face was written with emotion as he studied her.

"Come, My Love." She turned and led him toward their bedroom.

"Time to consummate?" He asked.

"We've had little time alone. And I would have a bit of your attention before the next crisis unfolds for my Alpha."

He pecked her lips and she returned it. Lifting her hair so he could work free the laces on her dress. Growing impatient he tore them and bared her to his roving eyes.

My wife. My mate.

And she is stunning.

Her skin was perfect porcelain glinting in the dim light of the candles as night fell beyond the shutters. Her breasts were full and beckoned his touch.

Every inch of her is perfection. He caught her legs and hoisted her up.

She instinctively wrapped them about his waist as he planted himself in her warmth.

She moaned adjusting to the feel of him.

But his aggression was already all-consuming just below the surface of his always-calm demeanor.

Soon he was taking her relentlessly against the wall. While she moaned in pleasure. Her weight seating her more deeply on him as he reached gratification. His head falling back as he growled.

Black scales seeped between his pores to frame along his sharp cheekbones. And along his shoulders like a second layer of skin. Rasping together as they stacked.

The rising of my primary beast.

His eyes turned slitted blue as he spilled into her.

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