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1694 RADIX - Birth of a Savage Dread

Nierwae’s Holding, Battling Country


Radix sat with his protegee. A huge black beast of a man, that’d once been one of Radix’s demonlings. Radix had nurtured him in evil like his child, until he’d blossomed into a bloodthirsty creature bent on the darkest evils.

Nierwae. The Demon King of Battling Country was a lumbering giant sitting on a massive throne. A throne Radix had put him on. To hold Battling Country as a sanctuary for Radix’s demonlings. A castle to shelter Radix himself. Where he could leisure, while his commander, Okine was away recruiting human souls to twist. Spotting those greedy, ambitious and lustful that could be darkened.

“What has brought you here Master?”

“Shelter. A need to regroup.”

“Okine is hunting in your name?”

Radix lowered his head in acknowledgement.

“And what do you seek?” There was no challenge in his tone. Mere conversation.

“A reprieve. Somewhere quiet I can sense what’s out there.”

Even as he said it. The screaming of an infant wrenched through Radix’s brain. But this one wasn’t painful, as it often was when a new threat was born. This was a dark gravelly cry that filled Radix with exhilaration.

“A Dread!” He sat forward in his stone chair next to Nierwae.

“You’re feeling one?”

“One is being born. In Grier. In the castle, perhaps.”

“Powerful?” Nierwae’s dark eyes were intent with shared excitement.

“I think not. But vicious. His soul is dark and hungry.”

“One to recruit?”

“One we need.” Radix smirked. “Do you have men to send to Grier Country to find the boy? Okine will take too long to return.”

“I can summon a party to escort you.”

“Do so.” Radix leaned back. “I need to locate him. Watch over him until such a time we can convert him.”

Nierwae nodded. “You’re inspiring, My Liege. Would that I could change them as you do.” Though Nierwae was an expert leading them, and every inch the strategist as Radix, he was unable to create demonlings. Had to rely solely on Radix for that.

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