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An Intriguing Woman

Concentrating, she once more exercised the energy it took for wings to form. Before they could manifest, a ripple of energy rose from him. Shoving her more firmly into his arms and stealing her breath. Like someone laid on her.

Far too weak to stave off his greater power her brow furrowed. “What are you?”

Stronger than you.

He laughed. “Now you’re interested in me?” He walked with her in his arms, effortlessly. Stepping to a door which silently opened. They entered a dark chamber where shutters were drawn. Only a few candles in the corners. As yet unlit. The bed rasped along the floor as it slid to one edge of the chamber without being touched. Posts grating.

She turned her head to watch it moving in shock. She fumbled for words. Finally muttering. “This room is designed to house a valkyrie.”

Now. He blinked down at her, face impassive.

“Did you use magic to adjust this room?”

“As we climbed the stairs.” He affirmed.

Shaking her head, she eyed the bed.

He followed her gaze. “It’s lovely, is it not? Large and spacious?” He said in a voice smooth as honey.

“I’ve no need of such things.”

“All women do.” He purred.

“Only if they’ve a need to please a man. I’ve no such need.” She spat.

“Would you like to?” He tilted his head and lifted a brow in challenge.

Once you have a taste. You’ll want more…

She snarled under a curled lip. “Do you enjoy teasing me?”

You’ve no idea…He quirked an inviting brow.

“Immensely.” He neared the fireplace where a flame burned warmly. Leaning over the back of the loveseat, he dropped her to the warm cushions.

It was plush and gave beneath her, molding around her.

Like I want to mold around her.

She shifted uncomfortably.

Rounding it, he flopped down, leaning his back against her shoulder and crossing his boots over the armrest to settle in.

Leaping to her feet as though he’d burned her, left him teetering for balance and chuckling.

She’s utterly unsettled.

She glowered at him. Warily backing up and weaving around furniture to put a small table between them. Her pert breasts jutted upward, body tapering to a waist perhaps slightly narrow for his taste, splaying into slender hips made for fleeing. Without looking, she seemed to sense when to step to the side and trail a hand over an armrest or table. Placing anything she could, between herself and him. His eyes roved over her fluid actions, her body moving as if disconnected at the joints, those hips swinging as she strode behind the chair on the opposite side of the room.

As far from me as possible.

He draped an arm over the back of the loveseat. “You think furniture will protect you from me?”

It won’t. Nothing will. His head lowered. Eyes sparking gold. The firelight eerily reflected there. Framed by hair a similar shade, tousled from retrieving her from the lake. Those eyes zeroed in on her. Only they followed her movements. The rest of him still. Like an unmoving predator. Waiting for her to head for that door…

“Relax animal.” She hissed.

Not a chance.

“Until I know what you are, I’ve no intention of putting myself in a situation where I may have to endure your touch again.” She said scathingly.

“Such as trying to escape?”

Or when you're warm underneath me while I make love to you. Sebastian already had plans for the exciting little bird.

Welcome to my domain. Now you're mine...

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