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An Animal

“Yes.” She rasped. Eyes flushing red before she blinked, and they were blue once more.

She’s dodging my gaze. I unnerve her.

And she doesn’t know what to make of it…Interesting.

She looked down her body and then to her hands which she tightened and released. Observing her own movements carefully.

“Feeling a little delicate?” He asked, lips quirking again.

“You know I do.” Contempt twisted her lips. “Will my energy replenish?” Panic rose as she felt for the tendrils of her magic coursing within her body.

Even while she’s weak it flutters through her at an expedited rate. Her heart pulses like a bird.

You’ll be fine.

“You’d know more of that then me. You know your body better than I…”

A fact we could correct if you soften that viper tongue of yours.

Sensing his offer, she cut in. “No.”

Glaring at him, her hands fisted, and silver wisps curled from the fire smoke to weave around her bare form. Winding to circle her waist, cinching it. Other gray fingers followed, layering to form a spider web fabric.

A gown made of smoke...Interesting. He cocked his head. Still doesn’t hide anything.

Awful hard for her to hide her shape from me now. I’ve already seen her naked.

When she stepped forward, the dress snapped into reality like a sail jerking in the wind. Becoming cloth in truth. Charcoal gray and shadowing her slender curves.

She’s a skinny thing. But tempting, nonetheless. What her figure lacked in feminine curves her face made up for in beckoning beauty.

“Fine then.” He shrugged. Watching her move further across the room at his baiting.

As I thought she would. She fears I’ll rush her.

I won’t. I like my women wanting what I offer.

Turning to watch him cautiously, her blue eyes were intent on his chorded body.

“You could come over here and relax.” He gestured to the loveseat next to him.

Her dark glower was ominous as she tossed her hair over her shoulder in preparation for a fight.

I’m not going to fight you bird-woman. You’re not even in my weight class. He laughed as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

She stood before the fire, panting heavily. Wearing no more clothes then the flimsy spider-webbing.

The makeshift cloth draped around her and folded over her shoulders. Blissfully unaware it was utterly transparent near the light. Her lovely silvered mane glowed like sunlight in the orange illumination of the fire behind her. Framing delicate shoulders in a halo of fire.

Nearly too tempting not to touch. He felt a pain low and deep. She’s able to affect me more than most beautiful women…How…intriguing. He eyed her as she studied the room.

Her gaze assessed the distance to each window and back to him again.

You won’t make it…He thought leisurely. I’m faster. His fingers tapped on the back of the loveseat.

Why do I find you so alluring? He pondered her as she frantically assessed the room. Because my usual ability to charm is utterly useless? Most likely.

I do like a challenge.

The lavender-blue of her eyes was mesmerizing. She wet her lips quickly and he caught the motion, tracing it hungrily.

She watched him. Anger written over her features.

Fully aware my gaze feast on her. He lifted a beckoning brow.

Sensing the change in his energy she began to tremble.

Glancing down her body she saw the light shining through her dress. Stepping from it, cast her lovely body in shadow.

He was sure his disappointment was visible as he itched one thumb with the fingers of that hand to refrain from leaping up to touch her.

“Why do you stare at me like a starved man?”

His full lips curved up. “Most likely because you make me hungry.”

“Animal.” She took a step back making no effort to conceal the insult on her face. She glowered at him.

“Little late for modesty now, Sweet.”

She glared heatedly. Shoulders heaving.

“The image of your tempting figure is branded on my brain.” He tapped his temple as he grabbed an apple from a bowl on a side table. Sinking his teeth in with a crisp crunch.

Her head was turned away from him, but now whipped back at his comment, to shoot him a scathing look. “You’ve no right!”

“To my own memory?” He scoffed. “I most certainly do.” His jaw jerked as he chewed the bite. “What a cold little thing you are.”

But amusing.

She huffed, small hands fisting.

He barely spared them a glance as he took another bite of his apple. “Conceal your fury, Little One. You’re just heating the spark between us.”

“There’s no spark.” She seethed. “Is this how you speak to all women?”

“You’re not a woman.” He reminded her.

She winced slightly.

“And no, I wouldn’t refer to heat between myself and a female unless I felt it.”

She gave him a doubtful look.

“Trust me.” He said in a dangerous tone. “I’m highly tempted to wrap you in my arms and show you what you feel.”

“Try it.” Her eyes widened, and chin hitched.

“That’s the only thing stopping me. For I fear that reciprocated attraction or not, were I to wrap you in my arms, you’d fight me like a wild animal.”

Her cheeks sucked in. Confirming his suspicions.

“With that said…” He tossed the apple in the air and by the time he caught it, he’d risen to his feet in a smooth motion and crossed the fur rug.

“Thus, I’ll leave you to reflect on your newfound captivity.” Spinning on his heel he exited. Letting the door slam for emphasis, his key turning in the lock. Gold flakes poured from his palm to creep in lingering tendrils over the door. Seeping into the lock hole, around the key, to twine along the wall. Swirling in sparkling waves which branched to splay over every crevice of the room until she was enveloped in a shimmering web. The colors faded, seeping into stone. But the cage remained, nonetheless.

The apple dropped to the floor in the hall. Thunking then grating as it slid.

His boots echoed down the corridor. The bit of fruit dissolved in a puff of dust.

He headed for the library downstairs. To listen.

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