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Rhyers' Chastising Me

Elsabet recalled seeing him for the first time as he rode through Eden Park. The women observed the ferocious redheaded giant guarding Sebastian.

Mardichi. Bast nearly spit out his food at the idea of Mardichi guarding him.

Drinking at the parties I got him into, is more apt.

“Why are they here?” Wrenny asked.

“He looks for an old enemy.” Elsabet had answered. Eyes riveted on him. As she recalled the memory, he was able to perceive what she’d felt. A thrill of anticipation and interest as she studied his profile talking to Mardichi.

Radix...How’d the two little snippets discover that? Bast pondered.

“Do we know this one they look for?” Wrenny’s eyes narrowed.


They discussed Sebastian, dismissing him as a threat.

That made Bast in the library below the chambers pause his chewing. His eyes skidding upward in annoyance.

In the vision of a sennight ago, Elsabet assessed his long blonde hair and changing aqua eyes. His quick smile making him appear harmless, enough. A frilled shirt customarily worn with lacings scandalously opened, revealed the ripple of his body as he moved flawlessly. Speaking to the women hounding him. He smiled mockingly down at them. Amused by their antics.

His conversations were generally limited. She assessed, disgusted.

Limited? Bast was appalled. Nuts slipping from his fist as his eyes narrowed on the ceiling above him.

Nothing about me is limited, Woman. You’ll learn. He sat straighter.

The women were more concerned with the barbarian ever at his side then with him. Certain Bast was more concerned with the women flocking him than anything else, they believed the barbarian the only threat.

If he was sober long enough to be one. Bast grunted. “Harmless?” His voice rose. “Limited conversations?”

Judgmental harpie. Drawing a staying breath, Bast glared above him, willing himself still.

Disturbing her now may very well lock me out of these memories. He warred with himself on going up there and correcting her perception of him and his limited conversation…

Bast had seen her very differently. Immediately sensing she wasn’t human; he’d been taken by her rare beauty. Instantly intrigued.

Though not more so than when she’d stood before me in my parlor less than an hour ago. Proud and angry despite her near nakedness.

Like a wild mare ready to run a man over. He focused on returning to her memories.

Throughout the last fortnight, the valkyrie had noticed his gaze on her several times. Occasionally returning it unwaveringly.

Her eyes flashing with challenge.

He’d cocked his head at her. Impressed at her boldness.

Their gazes locked, until a woman tugging at his sleeve distracted him. When he’d looked up, he’d found her gone.

Yes, I recall that. Present day Bast grunted.

“He’s harmless.” Wrenny commented to Serenade, as he’d rode past them. “Look at him. Unaware of anything but his own beauty.”

I didn’t hear that! He stiffened in the Library. Disliking the insult.

The valkyrie nodded in agreement.

Wenches. Bast grunted at their hurried opinion of him.

Rhyers strode into the parlor and noticed Sebastian’s concentrated expression. “Ugh. You look fair black with rage.” Rhyers jerked to a stop just inside the doorway.

“I am.” He said absentmindedly.

“You’re listening to her thoughts?”

“Memories. She was watching me for a nearly a fortnight.”

Trying to hunt me.

“Oh?” Rhyers lifted a dark eyebrow as he stood near the doorway.

“She was after my talisman.”

“That’s not good.” Rhyers winced.

“She didn’t think I was a threat.”

“Oh.” Rhyers reared back. “Well, she was sorely mistaken.”

Yes, she was.

“Thank you.” Bast’s gold eyes flicked to his friend, gratified.

“Is she Cimmerii?”

“No. But she does have a tinge of evil, whatever she is.”

“Not demonic though?” Rhyers poured himself a glass of amber liquid from one of the decanters off the corner table.

My favorite sherry.

“Would I have let her into WaterRose?” Bast asked coldly. Gaze flicking to Rhyers.

“Not if you knew.” Rhyers returned with glass in hand. Swishing the liquid thoughtfully in it. An old habit when he was deep in thought. “How’d she get here?”

“I drove her here.”

“Drove her? I do hope you mean in a carriage!”

Bast shot him a staying look.

Rhyers sighed. “Of course not. As a wolf or a dragon?”

Bast lifted a brow, as if Rhyers should already know the answer.

“You know as the dragon you’re far more visible to Radix’s all-seeing eyes. Especially you! You’re so bloody bright.”

“Only during the day.”

“Was it at night that you chased her here?”

Shut up and go away with your chiding. Bast returned his focus to the ceiling above him.

“I’d thought not.” Rhyers took a long swallow. Eying him balefully.

Bast pointedly ignored him until Rhyers rose, shaking his head and chuckling as he went toward his chamber upstairs.

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