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Stealing from Me Proves Difficult

Elsabet paused to glance behind her. Finding herself facing the stranger again.

His features were perfection, an aristocratic nose framed by arched brows and vivacious green-blue eyes. His square jaw was ornamented with a broad mobile mouth.

He tipped a brow in challenge. “I believe that’s mine...”

Tossing an elbow into those handsome features, she made crushing contact.

Stepping back, he scowled at her. His hand moving to his nose and eyeing the blood collected on his fingertips before lifting to set on her with steely determination.

Climbing into the coach, the women were appalled when he leapt in as well. Despite the footman’s objections, he shouted for the driver to go.

Elsabet was livid when the man complied with this stranger’s order. She scowled across the carriage. This stranger was quickly becoming a nuisance.

“Get out of my coach.” She enunciated the words.

He stared at her unblinkingly. Refusing. “Why are you stealing from me?” He cocked his head.

“Get out of my coach, My Lord!” She ordered, voice brooking no argument.

“Lord Bodane, My Lady.” He calmly corrected. “I suggest you answer me.” Gaze unwavering, he stared her down. Ignoring Wrenny’s scathing look.

“I suggest you get. Out. Of. My. Coach.” Her head tipped in warning. “I’ll not say it again.”

He didn’t budge.

“You’ve no idea what you’re dealing with.”

His eyes narrowed at her cautioning words. “Heed your own words, My Lady...”

She hissed. Her irises bled to ruby. Slamming her hands against the sides of the coach she screeched. Cracking her neck, she looked at him.

The coach rocked. Long brown wings snapped out from her body, one shattering the narrow coach window.

The driver lunged off his seat and crawled through the dirt. Vanishing down the drive yelling.

Wrenny flattened against one wall, face expressionless. Unmoved by the other woman’s violent fury.

“Out!” The valkyrie shrieked in his mind.

To any mortal, the sight of the Valkyrie with red eyes and brown wings spanning the coach, would’ve been an intimidating sight.

Shredding her slippers, her feet became taloned claws embedding in the coach seat. She emanated predatory hunger.

Cocking his head, he studied her new visage, fearless.

That really should’ve been her first hint. He mused. Toying with the book in his hands.

Her skin was as pale as when she’d been beautiful. However, hair pins clattered to the floor and her mane went coarse and black as a Dread’s shroud. Her changing body tearing the lavender gown. She now crouched before him in naked glory, claws sinking into the edge of the leather cushion. A softer shade of the brown tinging her wings climbed the sides of her hips and along the ridge of her ribcage.

Blood red eyes burned. As wide and unblinking as that of a baby bird...yet far more terrifying. She screamed threats into his mind though no voice filled the coach. She breathed quickly. Her vibrating body rattling the coach with barely contained energy.

He glanced at the other woman, huddled in the corner of the coach. Her eyes glowing purple in the dark. Black hair surrounded her face. She peered through it threateningly.

She’s a threat. When he didn’t break their stare, she compressed her lips and relaxed her shoulders, letting her head fall back.

Coming to some decision she reclined in the seat with a vague smile. Her eyes moved to the valkyrie, waiting.

She thinks I’ll be dead soon enough. She doesn’t think she’s needed.

Averting his attention back to the woman-bird, Sebastian eyed her. Fury emanated from her. Nearly tangible. He caught her upper arm, but her hand now equipped with claws, raked his forearm. Cutting deep and leaving three jagged marks which seared with venom. Ignoring the pain, he watched her. Unflappable.

Raese Whiting and Captain Black emerged from the ball to stare openmouthed at the horrifying creature peering red-eyed from the coach. Raese swirled his hand. The long staff topped in glowing green, materialized in his fist. He spun it once before slamming it to the ground which shortened its length by half. Turning it into a quarterstaff.

His weapon of choice.

His and the Captain’s eyes went to Bast, questioningly.

They’re telling me it’s my choice what reaction they take. Angling to be in their view near the broken window, he gave them a long look, lips tight. I’ve got it. He conveyed in the Captain’s mind.

Deragan turned, jerking his head for them to return indoors.

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