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Predator Becomes Prey

Elsabet swallowed convulsively. Afraid.

The way it watched her darting movements and the way those large gold eyes observed her told her clearly, this beast was furious.

He intended to rain retribution.

Now she recalled what Lord Bodane said to her about heeding her own words when she’d cautioned, that he didn’t know who he dealt with.

You are out of your league, Little Harpie. I could swallow you whole.

She had always been the vicious predator. Bowing to no one and thinking it quite customary for other beings to lower before her in terror.

Now something she’d not known existed hunted her. Predatorial eyes set on her. He shined as brightly as the sun. Nearly as large, he blazed from the foliage after her in blinding light.

His lumbering head dwarfed her by double. Flipping on her wings she began a furious flight to safety.

That flight that’d land her in the pond. Proving so futile…

Elsabet paced above him a long while before surrendering to exhaustion. She turned into the valkyrie, hair blackening to the shade of burnt wood. Angling the tips of her wings to the floor she used them as leverage to turn upside down and lift until her taloned feet could clench the wooden planks of the ceiling. The talons embedded in the wood as easily as they had Bast’s skin.

Her body snapped as the strain of hanging, cracked her spine into alignment.

“You’ll not keep me, Animal.”

I will. He stared at the ceiling above him. Knowing she hung just beyond it.

Coarse black hair draped to the floor. She pressed her arms to her sides coiled her wings around her. Warming her for the night as she succumbed to slumber.

Rising from his chair he made his way to the chamber under the stairs on the ground level so he could guard the front door from an attempt at escape.

Lying in bed a floor below her, his green-gold eyes shined in the dark as he watched the valkyrie’s movements as though standing in the room with her.

Pace. Stretch. Run. Sleep. The transitions of captivity. He knew them well. I’ve been there afore.

She readjusted her position making her wings scrape over the floor.

Tapping into the energy of the moon and the life of the trees surrounding WaterRose, he generated a shower of magic. A sparkling downpour absorbing into every cranny until completely enshrouding the castle. Sealing the valkyrie’s dark power inside.

His energy expelled as he finished creating invisible boundaries that even a powerfully enraged valkyrie couldn’t tear through.

He sobered. Perhaps for a while, just a little while, I can evade the loneliness.

He surrendered to his own sleep. Letting the hours steal his worries as he fell into the Knight Sleep. Knowing he’d likely not be able to sleep again for several sennights.

I’ll deal with my new ward when I wake…He decided.

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