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SEBASTIAN - Beautiful & Dangerous

WaterRose, Meadow Mountain, Grier Country

When Sebastian awoke in the early hours, he sensed another presence in the castle lurking outside his door.

“Who are you?” He called.

Derenoe. He sensed the voice rather than heard it.

“Chavias! Let me throw on breeches and we shall visit!”

Please do. The voice dryly emerged.

“Fear you’ll be envious?” He called.

Hearing a wolf’s low rumble in response, Bast laughed as he emerged from the chamber. His guard easing as he welcomed the red-brown wolf waiting outside his door. Unknowingly dropping the magic sealing Elsabet’s chamber in his excitement to talk to his friend.

“How have you been?” Bast smiled down at the yellow-eyed animal as they automatically fell into step. “How does your search for a mate fare?”

The wolf grumbled and its head fell.

“Wish me to offer some aid?” Bast grinned. “I know many women.”

The wolf snarled as they reached the top of the stairs.

Chavias paused on the top step, straightening onto back legs, his head folding backward at a breaking angle. Fur dissipated from his shoulders, replaced with a long black overcoat unraveling to surround his feet. Which changed from furred paws to toes and skin with boots forming over them like molten oil. The same bleak shade as his hair and the whiskers surrounding his mobile mouth. A darkly tanned hand landed on the stair rail. And his back convulsed brutally as it straightened into a human spine.

Chavias shook much as a wet dog does before taking the stairs next to Bast. “So, who’s this captive I smell?” Chavias asked.

“You can’t have that one.”

“I’m interested in what she is. Not how beautiful.” Chavias laughed.

Easy to say when you haven’t seen her yet.

“I can see you believe you’ve a claim to her.”

“I intend to.”

“You remember, once I laid claim to a woman.”

“Calisto?” Bast scoffed. “You’d only ever seen her. Never even gathered the manhood to approach her.”

“She was a man-killer. She’d have likely flayed me.” Chavias defended.

“Only with women, does your back turn yellow.”

Chavias’ look turned scathing. “Careful, calling me a coward.”

“Only,” Bast corrected. “When it comes to women. Besides Calisto would’ve had none of you. She had eyes for only one.”

“Raese.” They said in unison.

Chavias groaned. “But I was besotten.”

“You were consumed with lust.” Bast corrected.

“You’re distasteful.” Chavias sneered before shrugging. “But accurate, nonetheless. The things this stallion would’ve done to that woman…” He patted his chest proudly.

Bast laughed. Sobering as he explained. “She claims to be a valkyrie. I’ll be researching what that is.”

“I’d thought that’s what she looked like.” Chavias looked impressed then his expression turned to a frown. “Best assure she eats.”

Bast looked at him askance.

“I believe a valkyrie must regularly eat to maintain its energy, if I recall correct.”

“How in Ardae would you know that?”

“My friends-and enemies are far reaching. I’ve learned much over the centuries.”

Bast shook his head. “You’re a man with many secrets.”

“I’m a man with many enemies.”

“That’s because your heart pumps straight war.”

Chavias grinned. Tossing his head toward his back. “That’s why I’m never without Frank and Ferdinand.”

“Just so you are aware…ridiculous names for swords.”

Chavias lifted a challenging brow.

Bast peered around to assess Chavias’ back. “I’d assume the sheath is nearly intertwined with your skin by now?”

Bast circled behind Chavias to check.

Chavias turned to keep him in view.

“No trust?”

“Not a shred. I know you well. And your penchant for pranks. I don’t wish my swords, nor my personal affairs to become fodder for your amusement.”

“You’ve named them Frank and Ferdy-”


“They’re already fodder.”

“I’ll not play into your pranks.” Chavias reiterated flatly.

“Why does everyone say that?” Bast deflated.

“Because you meddle.”

“Everyone loves when I meddle.”

“No, they don’t.”

“They love the results.”

“But not because you meddled.”

Bast smirked in a cocky manner.

Chavias lifted a staying finger. “Do not meddle in my affairs.” Chavias gave him a stern look.

“Everyone says that too.” Bast grumbled.

A sound above them drew their attention.

There was a flash of long white hair disappearing into the corridor.

Not fast enough. Bast’s quick eyes trailed her movements.

“She is beautiful.” Chavias breathed.

“Back” Bast put a palm to Chavias’ chest to push him backward a step. “Off.” Bast twisted from the bottom step to see the top level, ensuring she’d returned to her chamber.

She did.

“Sneaky Little Beauty, isn’t she?” Chavias asked in awe.

“Dangerous would be the word I’d use.”

“A woman you fear?” Chavias blinked in utter disbelief.

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