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My Dominion

He left her chamber sighing. Heading down the long corridor to the chamber at the end. Once inside he went to the balcony and stepped outside. Knowing the balconies only wrapped this corner of the castle. Safe from the wind and rushing waters.

He stood shirtless, feeling the occasional spray from around the corner carried in on the breeze. Despite his bare chest, he hardly perceived the cold. His breeches were molded tight to his skin against the wind as he surveyed the bailey. My dominion.

To the untrained eye it may have looked empty, but Sebastian heard and saw everything. He heard his friend Dimitrius, the fey bridge guard, in the tower greasing gears and moving the handle ever so slightly to ensure all worked smoothly.

He caught the sounds of the man’s son Mandrake, the stable boy, playing in the straw with a puppy which yipped excitedly. Making the boy laugh.

He heard the two cooks in the kitchens below adding logs to the fire for dinner.

A door closed down the hall and he knew one of the knights returned from some adventure, needing rest and the healing vibrations of WaterRose to recuperate.

Or perhaps he just needs a safe place to rest. And today nowhere else in the world feels safe. Sometimes that was how it was for them.

He heard branches in Warlock Grove rustling in the distance and glimpsed the dark wolf with the white eye patch slashing his face. Rhyers.

The tracker inspected the perimeter as he often did when he had time.

Verifying Cimmerii haven’t found us.

Where everything here could seem cold and empty, in truth it was a jumble of activity. Charged with the energy of the hundred Forever Knights who sought sanctuary here.

Bast wore a controlled expression. Doing his best to ignore the shivering of the castle walls.

Drawing attention to how the walls quake in response to her wouldn’t be wise…

She’s a huge imbalance to the magic binding the stronghold. His gut clenched at the idea of releasing her.

She could be a danger to mankind if she isn’t reined in. If I let her go Radix may very well come hunting her.

I can hold it all together. He told himself of the stronghold.

I just need to get her under control.

Bast was the strongest of their kind, save one. The Captain.

Only Captain Deragan Black surpassed him in strength. And he was away searching for his mate once more.

His second in command, Lucien Sabias, was vacationing in Paladine Country.

Thus, WaterRose had fallen into Bast’s care. As it is, more frequently than not. He thought ruefully.

I shouldn’t be disgruntled she desires the amulet. She can’t know it summons us. The Forever Knights. With a single touch and whispered words, it could draw all of his brotherhood. They’d feel the command as surely as their own heartbeat. And as surely as that life-giving blood flowed, they’d recognize the summoning for what it was.

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