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Peak Mountain, Black Mountains, Battling Border


Libby the housemaid arrived in Radix’s caverns.

“What are you doing here?” He snapped. “You risk your cover. You are to be keeping an eye open for the watcher.”

“I think perhaps I’ve found something more interesting.” She gave a dark laugh. “Something you might be willing to give me another dose of that power to know about.”

“I have been employed by a man from The Isle of Wight to work for a woman in LandingTown.”

“And?” Radix hissed. Working hard to hide his rage that the little woman would come here trying to demand his rush of magic in exchange for information. Something he kept her around to collect.

It is your purpose wench. How dare you try to make demands of me.

“She is powerful." Libby explained. "I’m unsure if she is your Watcher. She is blonde and she is lovely, but her magic feels darker.”

“Darker?” Radix’s voice softened in interest.

Darker has promise...

“It tastes like pure rage. Everyone in the house is terrified of her. Even her companion watches her with a wary eye. Half-afraid of her.”

“Tell me something of significance.” He feigned boredom.

“Well, tonight she and her companion left on a mission to confront one of your Forever Knights.”

Radix waited as the girl paused. Losing patience quickly.

“She never came home. I suspect he has her.”

“What did he look like? Did you see him?”

“I followed her. I did get a good look at him. He was tall, blonde, handsome. His face was mesmerizing and a voice you could recognize in a room full of men.” Her tone grew wistful and eyes dewy as she described the man.

“You are speaking of the Protector.” Radix’s eyes narrowed on her, knowing that look. “Where did you see him at?”

“He’s been around LandingTown. She was following him to luncheons and Balls. He was her target, I think.”

Radix laughed. “She and I have something in common. I’d love to get my hands around that one’s throat…”

“Well,” She laughed in a voice too evil for her sweet face. “It seems now that if you find her you will find him. Or vice versa. It won’t be hard to sway her to your hand…And she is powerful. I have rarely been around someone with that level of power.”

Libby shuddered at the mere memory.

“Careful.” Radix warned.

“Save you, of course, My Lord. No one is more powerful then you.”

Appeased, Radix cooled. “Come wench.” He nodded toward his lap.

She strode to him beaming. He sat on a wooden chair and patted his bony thigh beneath the gray cloaks. Libby approached nearly skipping and took a seat where he’d indicated. Resting on his lap.

He pressed a hand to the side of her head. Filling her with his darkness and evil.

She moaned and fell backward against his other arm. Breathing raggedly. Small breasts heaving under the brown aproned dress she wore. Her mousy brown hair fell over his withered arm and she was writhing lustfully against his body as she took in the power he offered her. A moan escaped her, and she shifted to rub her pale thighs together against the ache forming in her. A response to the deep sense of powerful magic roaring through her. Her teeth grew into spikes as she stared at Radix intently. Panting.

Her skin began to sweat orange liquid and when her eyes popped open, they were onyx. Soon after they laced in orange.

She laughed joyously. “When will you make me one of yours?”

“You’re already one of mine.” He rose boredly, nearly tossing her from his lap as he walked from the cavern, dismissing her.

“My Lord.” She called.

“Get out.”

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