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SEBASTIAN - She Thinks I Don't Know...

WaterRose, Meadow Mountain, Grier Country


“You could’ve told me you were hungry.” Sebastian commented as he fed Elsabet a spoonful of broth.

Peering over the edge of the bed she saw the platter with the small bowl of chicken and mushroom broth and a cup for the tankard of wine. The steam rising from the bowl smelled amazing. Heartier fare then the lunch of bread and cheese had been.

She slumped back to eye him. “You could’ve told me you could turn into a dragon.” She countered.

When he only responded with an impassive look she added harshly. “I’d never ask you for help.”

“Would you ask anyone?”

She gave him a dark look.

“I feed you with my own hands and you’re ungrateful?”

“Not ungrateful.”

Yes, you are.

“You show no appreciation.” He said as he lifted the spoon again. His elbow propped leisurely on the knee drawn toward his chest. The other outstretched parallel to the bed so he could help her eat.

“I show what I feel. Annoyance. Irritation. Contempt. Vengeance.” Her eyes sparked with her ire and her chest was beginning to heave as her words riled her up. That beautiful fury written over her again. Nearly making her skin glow and her hair spark.

Arousal crept through him. “You’re such an indecisive little thing.” He smiled to hide the effect she had on him. “so unsure what you feel.” He didn’t meet her eyes as he stuck the spoon between her full pink lips.

He shifted uncomfortably and decided to tear a bit off the warm loaf of sweet bread.

“I’d rather have starved to death.”

“Yet still, you eat. Still open your pretty little mouth.”

Very pretty.

She snarled.

“I do admire you though. Such a strong will you have.”

Her back stiffened and her brows drew together. She refused to open again until his gaze slid to hers. “Do you mock me?”

“I do not.” He looked at her steadily. “When I mock you, it’ll be clear. I assure you.”

She snorted.

“And when I compliment you. It’ll be just as direct. You’ve no interpreting my remarks to fear from me.” He rose. Towering over the edge of the bed. Taking the wooden bowl and spoon with him. Moving to leave the room he glanced over his shoulder and caught Elsabet’s hand falling from moving hair out of her face.

Only a matter of hours ago she was unable to feed herself. Now she’s strong enough to move an arm…but hiding it from me.

Then why allow me to tend you? His eyes narrowed on that little hand.

Turning her head limply she caught his study. “What are you staring at?”

Good God, that voice is lovely. A song from her viper tongue.

Without offering answer he strode from the room. Hiding the slow half-smile as he wound through the corridor and took the stairs.

She intends to escape.

“Try. Please do.” He murmured as his boots clicked down the hall. “I haven’t had this much fun in a while.”

Matching wits and working to keep his guard up with this beautiful woman was invigorating. Challenging.

She’s not going anywhere.

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