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DERAGAN - Immortals Will Rise

He looked Heavenward and pointed. “That scrap of a thing will not stop my Cimmerii. I’ll rain my hoard upon them until none stand.”

Light moved above the clouds. Illuminating the profile of countless faces staring down at him. With golden light shining behind the full gray clouds the mouths of the figureheads slowly opened and began shrill shrieking. Echoing over the distance and making the ridge rattle.

Radix steadied his footing. Pain searing through his mind as he clutched his ringing ears. When the banshee shrieks ceased, Clements lay dead next to him. His ears and mouth seeping blood.

Radix snarled in rage. “Have it your way!”

When lightening flashed again it illuminated the countless shining white silhouettes shifting beyond the gray cloud cover. Watching…


The Fallen crashed, jouncing against an unyielding gully floor before sliding on her side into the few grassy outcroppings near the creek. Tossing dust over her.

As the rest of the group froze in total silence, the Captain, always the first to react, strode to stand over her. Cocking his head to eye what rested at his feet.

Weak and huffing like an injured bird.


Despite twisted limbs and broken bones, and the flesh scraped loose along her side, she was impossibly…lovely. His jaw hung slack as he blinked into the bluest eyes he’d ever witnessed. Beautiful. Incomparable.

She whimpered pitifully.

In pain. Awed, he lowered to help her sit.

She feebly lifted two crushed hands, reaching for him. But they dropped when her head slumped forward.

“She won’t last long.” Chavias breathed.

It’s true. But it was heartbreaking to think this miraculous creature would soon be dead.

A perfect white wing wrapped her side protectively. The other is too crushed to move. A whimper crackled in her throat as she struggled to lift the bent limb. The hand on that side rising toward him again. Tilting her head, she looked pleadingly up at him.

Irresistibly, the Captain swept the broken girl-being into his arms. Instantly remorseful when she gasped in agony.

I’m sorry. He gave her an apologetic look.

Body flexing against the pain even as she curled into the warmth of his chest.

I’ll hold you, keep you safe.

What have you done? He wondered. Why here? Why now? In the middle of an impending battle?


Radix emitted a sound that sent what remained of the ridge quaking.

As the tortured Watcher predicted the blonde knight, Sebastian, fell to his knees at the Captain’s feet. Reins in hand. Offering himself Heavenward, for the life of the shining creature their Captain held. He murmured the words as she convulsed, surrendering the last vestiges of life.

The Captain watched her achingly. Nearly feeling her pain as his own.

On a last rasping breath, The Fallen shuddered and stilled. A strange silence descended. Blanketing the canyon and muffling the battle cries of the charging army. There was a dull hum then a flash rippling above the ground. Freezing every living thing in its tracks.

Sebastian on his knees, reins in hand, was hit with a heavy dose of what she unleashed. Surpassed only by the man who held her in his arms. The Captain.

The humans were dead. Nothing mortal stood in the canyon any longer.

Okine returned to Radix. Who eased off the ridge, face twisted in terror.

“That’s it!” Radix had no outlet for his frustration. Clawed hands worked tight fists.

“How can be?” Okine questioned. “All you done!”

Radix grimaced. All his plans, centuries worth of meticulous scheming, forever complicated by this one, utterly impossible act.

Lightning split the sky again and Radix took several frightened steps back. Drawing from the stone ridge to retreat down the backside of the cliff.

“What of there.” Okine gestured.

“I’ve no need to witness it.” He spat contemptuously. “There’s no doubt what that cheering means.”

Okine heard it now.

The triumphant shouts of the Templar Knights.

“We’re leaving.” Radix gesture wildly for them to go.

“What we do?”

“To face this, I need far more Cimmerii in my armies. More demons then the humans that will be in this fight…You will have to find me more. Many more.”

“We have a new enemy?”

“They will rise.” Radix shook his head in disgust.

I fell to save your condemned knights. With my last breath I gave you immortality. Making you my Eternal Guardians, the only enemy of Cimmerii. Those soulless things living in darkness.

-The Fallen, ‘The Book of Immortals’

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