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No Outrunning Me

Eyes huge her jaw tightened. She said nothing.

Oh, please. He thought. Accuse me of bluffing…He hoped. Because he wasn’t.

“How about this then, Girl. I’ll have you bound in that chamber and make damn certain it’s my hand that feeds you, you’re every meal. And my hands that tend your needs. Until your duly tamed.” His words a soft vow, he took a step toward her.

She backed up one.

He descended on her. Backing her against the castle wall.

He watched her gaze flick across the ground to the horse at the stable door then across the bailey. Looking for help.

Her gaze stopped when she noticed the animals crowding his feet. His wolves had vanished as they entered the castle. Now cats and dogs clambered around him. Every horse in the stable pressing against its door. Straining to be closer to him.

He followed her look. Yes, they all want around me.

You’re the only beast unsusceptible to my charms.

“Wolves than dogs?” She gestured to his feet in an attempt to distract him.

So, she can escape around the corner.

“Yes.” His stare never wavered from her as he drew even nearer. “I dislike them. But they are fond of me.”

“You-you dislike them? W-Why?” Her lips moved and her tongue shot out to dampen them.

His eyes trailed the movement. His gaze flashed burnished gold momentarily before returning to turquoise.

“What is that? Why do your eyes-”

“I prefer cats.” He cut her off. Growling low in his throat as he slammed his palms to the wall on either side of her. Caging her in.

She yelped as she jumped. Her breaths quickening to a pant.

Now she’s terrified.

Her eyes, which had so recently turned red, now melted into dark blue. Wide and vulnerable. Afraid of what he’d do.

“Yes, indeed. It’s only my touch you fear. You don’t hate men. You fear us.” He was so close his breath blew loose the tendril he’d so recently tucked behind her ear. Causing it to fall across her cheek and brush her full bottom lip before going still.

A low rumble began in his throat. As he looked Heavenward, it bloomed into laughter. Shaking his head at himself, he stepped back.

Drawing a hasty breath, she danced around him. Walking stiffly through the inner bailey.

“Just because you walk doesn’t make it any less running away…” The sound of his baritone laughter chased her back to the castle.

You’re not nearly fast enough to outrun me.

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