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DERAGAN - Evil Found Us

Rosewynn Manor, Outside Meadowbrook, Grier Country


Deragan had barely gotten Anastacia into their grand room before ripping the dress to her waist.

"That's satin!" She objected.

He palmed her cheeks to delve into her mouth. Muttering between kisses. "I'll buy you thirty."

Giggling and shaking her head, she let his anticipation build. He pushed her back onto the feather mattress.

She bounced twice, smiling before that lovely grin vanished as she observed the intensity on his face. "Don't hurt me."

"I won't." He growled as he shucked his pants and tossed his tunic over his head. Climbing over her and dropping his weight on her in his haste. Rejoining her mouth in probing kisses.

"Deragan...How?" She looked up at him with those familiar blue eyes.

"I'll show you." He lightly caressed the side of one breast. Framing it before tracing her ribs and finding the narrowness of her flat belly.

He fisted her ruffled skirt and used his sliding fingers to work it up her legs, between them.

"Get it out of the way." She whispered near his mouth. Her voice urgent with a need that wouldn't be denied.

He complied. Happily shredding the skirt and yanking it from between them to drop on the floor. Melding their skin together. "Tell me when you're ready."

Her breasts heaved with her panting breaths.

She's terrified. Even as excited as she is.

"Calm down." He soothed. Reassuring. "I won't hurt you."

Down beast. He commanded the wolf surging inside him, that wanted to take his mate like an animal.

"I'm-I'm ready." She said so quietly he barely heard it.

He positioned at her entrance and coaxed inside her. She was drawing long panting breaths.

He put a finger to her lips. "Calm down, Love. You have to relax or it can hurt."

She slowed and then stopped breathing.

He stared down into her fearful gaze. "Breathe."

Lips parting slowly, she did.

And he thrust through the thin barrier.

She arced up and yelped a little as he seated fully into her.

Claiming her as mine again. And it was the first time in decades he'd made love to his life.

Over and over again he took her. Insatiable in his need to assuage a hunger that only she, his mate, could satisfy.

Only later did Deragan lay next to his precious wife in their grand four-poster bed. Sated and comfortable.

“I missed you unbearably.” He murmured. Caressing her exposed shoulder over her chemise.

The words don’t seem quite enough. I yearned for he beyond what they could describe.

She smiled warmly at him. Molten eyes meeting his blue ones. Just as he’d envisioned earlier.


A bang at the door made Deragan groan. “They’re like children.”

Children I’d strangle, some days.

“What is it?” She called.

Go away. Never come back. He thought.

“I was going to head home.” Rhyers called through the door. “Unless you wish me to stay and keep watch for Cimmerii outside?”

“No.” Deragan called. “Return home, Brother. Mardichi is out there. As long as they don’t feed him too much ale, he’ll do fine.”

He better not have a drink.

He’ll pay.

“Farewell Captain! My Lady.” Rhyers called before they heard his footsteps down the hallway.

Deragan caught a stray curl of silver-blonde hair. Tucking the wayward wisp behind her ear before trailing the back of his knuckles down her cheek. So beautiful.

Her lavender eyes swam with emotion. Afraid to blink in-case he’d vanish.

“Are you content, My Wife?”

“Always when I’m with you.” She smiled in a way that melted his chilled heart.

“I want to take you to the stronghold tomorrow. There I can keep you safe…Hidden from Radix’s reach.

We’ll leave as soon as possible.

“We’ve talked about this.” She reminded softly.

Not nearly enough. His stomach clenched. Fearing what she’d say.

“I know how much you worry, but I won’t be locked away somewhere.” She shook her head. Face tight.

You can’t know. Around his lips whitened briefly before pain filled his expression. I watch you suffer. I watch you pass. I lose you over and over.

Radix steals our happiness. And his familiar hatred for the demon began to poison the pleasure he was feeling.

“Don’t be like that.” She coaxed, wrapping her fingers into the thick black curls at his nape.

I don’t want to spend another lifetime without you. Closing his eyes, he savored the touch of her soft hand. Dodging the pain and fear her words invoked.

“Think on it.” He pleaded, eyes easing open.

Blowing a deep breath, she nodded.

Catching her close he squeezed her tightly to him until realizing he was gripping her to hard. I’m hurting her.

But she uttered no complaint. Snuggling her face into his chest. “Deragan.”

As he blew out a calming breath time seemed to still as he relaxed. Slumping back against the pillow and pulling her with him so she rested on his chest. Staring up at him.

Peace. Finally. After four years of torture. He’d finally won his prize. Four years of seducing her. Waiting for her to recognize me.

To remember…

It’s intolerably painful having to start from the beginning. Over and over…and over…

But here and now. She’s mine. His arms tightened around her, and she moaned contentedly. He fell asleep thus. Lost in her fathomless gaze until he could no longer keep his eyes open.

Utterly unaware of the black energy encroaching on them.

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