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Rhyers Arrives

“Bast!” A jovial male voice called from the foyer. “I left the party to come check on you. Raese said-” The tall thin man rounded the corner behind the stairs. Then froze, jaw agape as he took in the scene before him.

Go away. Sebastian thought harshly. He hissed in pain as his body spasmed. The wide gaping wounds across his torso were already sealing closed seamlessly. Tanned skin melded beneath his torn tunic until the wounds were only light indentations.

But Sebastian was fighting hard for control. Which was apparent on his gold-flecked face.

Elsabet’s eyes flew to Sebastian’s enraged expression.

Eyes narrowing, he hooked his finger in his shredded, bloodied shirt to stare at his mutilated chest. Looking slowly from there to her. Blue-green eyes narrowing accusingly.

“That was a mistake.” Rhyers commented from down the hall. Glimpsing the rare wrath written over Bast’s face.

Even Rhyers took a cautious step back. “You best soothe your ire, Friend, before…”

Yes, I’m quite aware. His mouth whitened.

We both know what’ll happen if I change here, in the castle. He gave Rhyers a quick look that had the tracker backing up further. Giving him space.

Taking a moment to calm his indignation and shock, Bast wrenched the damp tunic apart. Tearing it loudly and jerking it free from his breeches to toss it to the floor. In a wrinkled clump.

“You tried to kill me?” His brows lifted. “A little excessive, don’t you think?” He queried, face changing, elongating. Gold horns twisting from his scalp and body jerking violently.

Inhaling sharply, she took a stumbling step back. Putting out a staying hand. The talons retracting back into regular fingernails as she waved him away.

His predatory eyes followed her. But the horns wound back down. Retreating into his skull.

The same thing had happened as she carried him over the trees a fortnight past. Bast saw the recognition in her eyes. But he was currently busy trying to control his transforming body.

“Bast are you well?” Rhyers called from down a corridor to his right.

“I’m fine.” Bast said stiffly.

Cool the heat. He willed himself. Penetrating turquoise eyes locked on Elsabet. They slowly spiraled from the pupil out into gold.

WaterRose quivered. Energy rolled over them.

“I’ll be in the library if you need me.” Rhyers judiciously left.

Elsabet fled down the corridor.

“Oh, no you don’t!” He roared.

Her body jerked as though she’d hit the end of a rope. Tightness around her waist cinched and she was jerked off her feet. Falling to her backside.

The rug slid underneath her. She was skid backward toward him.

Now he was annoyed. Watching her coming back nearly within reach.

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