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DERAGAN - Waking

Rosewynn Manor, Outside Meadowbrook, Grier Country


Deragan woke blearily to a shivering bed. Knowing it was because his wife trembled, he rolled over to offer her his warmth. Reaching to pull her against him he felt the iciness of her body. Sitting bolt upright he shouted. Eyes snapping open.

Rolling her over carefully he found she emitted only weak puffs of air in the frosty cold of the room.

Her skin was deathly gray. Body so limp when he rolled her, her hand flailed pitifully against his knees. Raw agony still glistened in her eyes, which now stared horrified as she gasped desperately for air. Her body racked with pain.

He twisted into a crouch over her. Searching the room for the threat. A glance at the window told him what happened. Swinging wide, the shutters creaked lazily open against the early morning chill.

And he knew.

Tuning into her energy he found it missing that precious piece no human body was designed to survive without.

Her soul. He got what he came for. He’s gone. Deragan’s heart sunk and a lump formed in his throat. If he consumed her soul she won’t come back.

He got her.

She was now a hollow shell absent a soul. Her body dying.

She held on for me. He knew, dropping to his knees in the sheets he drug her across his lap. Cradling her to lend her his heat.

“No. No. No.” He chanted in devastation. Wrapping her in his arms, one hand moved over her helplessly in a hopeless desire to ease her suffering.

“It’s okay.” She choked. Reaching weakly to caress his cheek. “This time will be different. With my last breath I’m going to open doors. Radix’s mistake has given me the strength.” She whispered brokenly.

Because he attacked directly. Deragan didn’t fully understand it but knew that whenever Radix attacked them directly, his consequence was the Watcher’s ability to open doors based on the rules they obeyed.

“They’ll come. Watch for the stars...” She gasped. As her breathing became even more shallow. Rattling with pain.

Frowning in confusion he said softly. “No Sweetheart. Don’t go.” He rocked her. Clutching her tighter against him in an effort to keep her.

Don’t go.

Smiling softly made her teeth chatter against the pain assaulting her in waves.

“Don’t give up.” She panted. “Never stop.”

I haven’t. I won’t. But I don’t think you’re coming back this time.


“I won’t.” He shook his head. His eyes roving her face to memorize every agonizing detail.

Stay with me.

“Sebastian!” He cried, making the mansion quake.

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