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SEBASTIAN - Hearing Desperation

WaterRose, Meadow Mountain, Grier Country


Sebastian returned to his library but found Rhyers absent.

Likely in his room. Each knight had their own chamber upstairs for their visits.

The castle helps us heal. Bast was thankful for that.

He ran a palm over his shoulder and chest, feeling the swell of the scars she’d left.

She nearly gutted me. And it was the first time he consciously appreciated his ability to heal nearly as fast as he was injured.

He wondered at her strange defensive reaction.

There’s something about her. Something happened to her once…

He flopped backward in his red and gold chair. Watching the dancing of the fire. His book limp in his hand resting on the table.

What to do with her?

He relaxed as much as he was able. Closing his eyes, he felt the tether he had lashed her with. She was pacing her chamber. Still enraged at her foiled attempt at escape. And confused by his reaction to her harming him…And the fact that he’d survived it.

Sebastian! The desperate shriek from his Captain startled him so fiercely he tossed the book and flew to his feet. Running through the foyer and tossing open the castle doors.

“Rhyers! Something has happened!”

He heard the running footsteps of his friend’s coming from upstairs and Bast launched himself from the raised foyer outside, never touching the steps to the grand doors. His body twisted and smoothed into shining black fur as he landed in the dirt bailey. Roaring as he headed down from the mountains as hard as he could go.

Giving a feral roar as he reached the meadow nearing Deragan’s Manse. Seeing the weather blackened. Clouds blocked the night sky and the downpour was torrential. Sheets of ice dumping over the land.

Deragan’s rage. A dark portent.

I’m coming, My Friend. Sebastian feared what was happening.

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