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1410 MARDICHI - The Spark

England, Upperlands

Mardichi was the first one to notice that when his fiery temper rose, his hair would crackle, and hands would superheat.

“Whatever are you doing?” Rhyers wandered in to lounge in a chair in the chamber. Watching intently as Mardichi stared at his palm waiting.

“Tryin’ ta get it ta happen again.”


“No’ sure. I was bumpin' away on a pretty lil lass and me swear my hands started steamin'."

“Helpful…” Rhyers drawled. Grimacing at the imagery Mardichi had conjured.

"Lass liked it." Mardichi shot him a look before smirking proudly. "She squeaked like a wee fawn and clawed me ta ribbons."

He turned to show Rhyers his bare back but Rhyers put up a hand to ward him off.

“Perhaps some more ale would help?” Rhyers nodded toward the ugly hide cask sitting on the side table. Knowing Mardichi wanted ale all the time.

And willing to do anything to make this moment stop. Rhyers thought.

“Perhaps.” Mardichi murmured still bouncing his palm before his face. Clearly expecting some result for his efforts.

Rhyers frowned. “I was being sarcastic.”

“I’m aware.”

“Bah.” Rhyers expostulated. “You’re in a foul mood.”

“I’m tryin’ ta concentrate. No thanks ta ye.”

“Fine.” Rhyers tossed his hands and dropped into a chair near the ale cask. Lifting it and sniffing it he wrinkled his nose disdainfully.

“Ah-ha!” Mardichi triumphantly cried. Turning slowly so Rhyers could glimpse the tiny floating spark glowing inches above his palm.

“What the Devil!”

“I know!” Mardichi grinned.

“No, you don’t!” Rhyers leapt from the chair and wrenched the coverlet off the bed to toss over Mardichi’s head since his hair was lighting at the tips with red orange fire. Burning nearly up to his collar.

“Wha’ in bloody Hell are ye doing?” Mardichi grumbled from beneath the coverlet dangling over his head and down to his limp forearms.

“Saving your arse.” Rhyers strolled to the doorway before tossing over his shoulder. “You’re welcome.”

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