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DERAGAN - Bast Arrives

Rosewynn Manor, Outside Meadowbrook, Grier Country


Bast will hear me.

Sebastian was one of the rare few that could hear the other knights telepathically without the pendant.

I need you.

It was only twenty-maybe thirty minutes before Deragan heard the feral roar answering him from across the meadow.

Get here.

Anastacia was giving up.

She’s nothing left to cling to.

The last vestiges of her strength were fading, and her gaze dimming. With a last shudder she whispered something so faint he couldn’t hear it. But he knew, nonetheless.

I’ll always know those words…

She blew a last dusky breath and surrendered. Light exploded from her body. The house rippled beneath an onslaught of light and a sound like someone had tapped on a wine glass rising into a boom that coursed over everything. Flowers burst over the fields. Closed buds blossomed then tossed petals out over grass which rose inches in seconds as the light waved over. Weeds bent over and trees tipped. Animals fell briefly as the air was sucked from them as the wave surged over.

Crying out in the rage of a wounded beast he slammed his fist into the bed next to them, shattering boards under the mattress.

Bast ripped open Deragan’s chamber door, letting it slam against the wall before stopping it with his foot. His gaze traveling from the agonized Captain’s face to the death mask of his young bride. Limp and discolored in the Captain’s shaking arms.

Deragan’s face was blanketed with rage. “In our sleep.” Deragan’s teeth gnashed. “In the bed next to me. I never heard a thing…” He looked at Bast dully.

Sebastian had no words.

Which wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

“In our bed, Sebastian!” His voice turned to outrage making thunder flare above the house. “Not one night as man and wife! Not even that!”

Bast flinched at his roar. “No.” He stepped to Deragan’s side to look down at the body which now appeared so impossibly frail. “What can I do, Captain?” Bast’s hand dropped to Deragan’s shoulder.

Bring her back to me!

Rhyers arrived on Bast’s heels. Taking in the scene he cried out. Shaking his head, he took several steps back and headed out the door.

Determined to find a track. Deragan knew.

“Kill him.” The Captain’s fury entered his voice as he shouted at Bast. “Kill him! We’re going to kill the evil son-of-a-bitch!” His conviction reverberated in his voice.

I want to rip apart with my bare hands and scatter the pieces into the Peril Sea.

“Are you sure we’re ready for that?” Bast’s eyes widened.


I’m ready.

I’ve been waiting centuries to get him in my grip.

“We are. You, me, Chavias. We’ll burn him to embers.” Deragan gave a decisive nod.

Blue eyes glowing nearly white, he slowly rose. Tenderly lowering her head to the bedding. Unwilling to take my eyes off her.

Clutching his pendant, a serpent winding a cross, Deragan sent a telepathic call to the others.

They’ll hear my command.

They didn’t hear Radix’s rasping laughter from the trees below Deragan’s window. A harsh sound that sent night-birds fleeing the trees.

Glimpsing the tracker heading out of the castle, Radix’s laughter died, and he made a retreat. Calling in several Sarabi to slow down the bothersome animal behind him.

“Always nipping at my heels.” Radix grumbled as he swung his gray robe into place behind him. Sweeping though the trees until he was far enough away to disintegrate into the fine black mist.

Rosewynn Manor, Outside Meadowbrook, Grier Country (Immortal two hundred ninety-three yrs)


By dusk that night most of them had come. Traveling under a velvet evening sky which sparkled like diamonds on a marbled surface.

Brightening their way to them.

A beautiful night to mark such a brutal loss. Deragan stared upward. The shining lights reflecting in his blue eyes.

Still others arrived by the half hour. A great feat since they could only travel their quickest at night, and the places most of them originated hadn’t yet had nightfall. But the Forever Knights militia knew they couldn’t gather unless in times of war.

They know what’s to come. Deragan stood over the soft dirt mound that marked her.

They’d buried her together. And now he mourned the loss of his mate yet again, aside his brethren.

They understand the significance of the loss. He’d told them he didn’t believe she’d be able to return this time. But I’ll look for her just the same. His attention was focused on his thoughts of where he could begin searching this time.

I won’t give up on her.

The Fallen once told me she was one of the Watchers. A lower sect of angels. Responsible for the safe keeping of all humanity.

Amongst them, I’m certain, she was their most cherished. As she’s proven to be for us.

The Watchers followed the bidding of the higher divine realms until the day she defied them to protect a band of Poor Boy knights.

She told me they’re always there when she leaves this world, waiting for her. Hovering and longing to help as they watch her struggle lifetime after lifetime.

From the Journal of Sebastian Bodane.

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