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SEBASTIAN - Could You Do It?


“Could you do it?” Lucien Sabias asked Sebastian out of Deragan’s hearing range.

Absolutely not.

It’d be too painful.

“If I found a mate. I’d never let her go.” Bast shook his head. “It’s a fact that he spends more time without her then he gets with her.”

“By the time he finds her again, charms her, and weds her, Radix is already on his heels.” Lucien concurred.

They shared a solemn silence.

“But on their wedding night?” Lucien said bitterly. “That’s callous even for Radix Malorum.”

Nothing is beyond his evil. That much Sebastian had learned over the years.

“Not even one night together.” Bast shook his head sadly. Feeling the pain of the night seeping in like bitter sap.

“His Honeymoon and he’s burying his wife.” Chavias Derenoe joined the conversation. “It’s no wonder we go to battle.”

“It’s a wonder he hasn’t lost his mind...” Mardichi’s dry cynicism was present as he strolled over to join the conversation. A horn of ale already in his meaty hand.

He’s not wrong.

“Chavias, Old Friend.” Bast greeted. “I wish to speak to you in confidence.” He was reluctant to have the conversation but felt it a necessity.

Lucien Sabias gave them a nod and moved to join the Captain. Allotting them privacy.

“Is it truly something necessary at this time?” Chavias gestured to the Captain knelt over the fresh plot in the isolated little graveyard.

The rain had already come.

Inadvertently summoned by Deragan’s grief. Sebastian knew.

Putting a hand to the darker man’s shoulder Bast guided him from hearing range of the others. They walked toward Rosewynn Manor’s cellar. Flipping the little wooden door, they took the stairs until in the lower room where Bast began rifling through casks of wine to share with his friend.

“What is this about?” Chavias leaned against the wall, eyeing his long-time friend.

“You know we fight harder than any other two men in the brotherhood.” Bast turned and offered him his attention. Pouring from a bag into two goblets from a dusty shelf.

“I’m aware.” Chavias nodded. Brow furrowing at the rare severity in Bast’s voice.

A stray cat hopped on the table, drawn to Bast.

Sebastian began absentmindedly stroking it. “We must protect him.” He gestured towards the door and outside with the goblet before putting it to his lips.


Bast nodded. “If anything happened to him the Forever Knights would be lost.”

“Aye.” Chavias acknowledged. “But it would be nice if you weren’t so reckless with your own life, Bast. You’re a linchpin amongst us. If the Captain is our strength, you’re our drive.” Chavias gave him a long look. “Without him they’d scatter.” Chavias gestured above. Where men surrounded the plot so close by. Heads lowered in reverence. “Without you, they’d have no hope.”

That’s not true!

Sebastian was startled. “I’m not as important as that.”

“You are to them.” Chavias lifted his chin resolutely.

“But not to you, aye?” He attempted to lighten the mood.

What is Chavias saying?

“I ask you to have a care for yourself, Old Friend. But I don’t intend to worry about your back. I intend to guard it. As you look out for the Captain, I will look out for you and perhaps, just perhaps, we’ll all come home.”

Those words would echo through Sebastian’s head for a lifetime.

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