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DERAGAN - Rhyers Cautions Me


After the quiet ceremony, the Forever Knights scattered around the house awaiting Christophe Rhyers return.

He alone could track Radix, knew his habits, his preferred hideouts, Radix’s methods for building his Cimmerii armies.

Deragan snarled deep in his chest, when a reassuring hand landed on his shoulder.

“Christophe will know where he is.” Raese offered with a nod. Retracting his hand with an apologetic look.

They should know better then to touch me when I’m unprepared. Deragan’s lip curled. Blue eyes flaring. I'm likely to take a hand off.

“My hunger for vengeance is so great that I feel starved every moment of this waiting.” Deragan growled through gritted teeth.

“Patience, Captain. The time draws close.” He urged soothingly. Sending the alpha

Deragan turned and lifted a dark brow as he met the other man’s vivid green eyes. “You are telling me this?”

My patience has been endless.

I have to extend it beyond anyone’s endurance every time I woo my mate. Every time I let an opportunity to kill Radix’s minions coast by in the effort to await the opportunity to crush him entirely.

Raese laughed a little nervously. “I certainly am not any longer.”

Wise decision.

“Does your wife miss you when you come rejoin us?” Deragan’s tone softening. Wishing to think about anything but his pain.

“My wife worries for me.” He said sagely.

She has a right to. We’re always in danger.

“She’s a wise woman.”

“She’s a dangerous woman.” His chin hitched proudly. “She fears nothing but me being harmed. I am her weakness.”

Deragan knew Calisto. And he was very sure that was true.

Raese closed his eyes and was able to reach Rhyers’ mind. Seeing the dark-haired tracker intently leaning over a track in the meadow. Eying it coolly. “He’s getting close.” Head falling forward, Raese’s green eyes luminesced until green glowed in the descending darkness.

Finally. Deragan’s stomach coiled with anticipation. A need for vengeance.

Just before nightfall they saw Rhyers’ tall willowy silhouette entering the Rosewynn’s lawns.

“I have his trail.” Rhyers called up at the second level. Knowing the other knights lurked there.

Where? Deragan met him in the bailey. “Lead us to him.”

Rhyers gave him a steady look.

“Of course, you can.” Deragan realized.

He can find anyone.

“Are you certain you want me to?” Rhyers gave him a warning look.



“What’s amiss?”

“He doesn’t travel alone.” Rhyers tossed his head. Throwing the thin black hairs escaping the tether back from his face. A movement he did when disconcerted.

Of course not.

“He never travels alone.”

“I know this.” Rhyers nodded. “But the tracks are far apart. Distanced. Deep and precise. He wanted me to find them. They were easy tracks.”

“He’s careless in his arrogance.” But Deragan was slightly uneasy. He knew he was dismissing Rhyers’ cautioning uncharacteristically quickly.

“He knows me well. I’ve followed him a long while. Nearly becoming his shadow. He knows how easily I would spot that track.”

“You sense he left it apurpose?”

Rhyers gave a slight nod of his head.

“Are you afraid for us?” Deragan asked, his eyes narrowing.

“I am never afraid. I know you are wise, and you lead us carefully. I merely fear more deaths of our brethren.”

As do I. Deragan gave him a long look. Tossing his head in a dismissive gesture made Rhyers turned and soundlessly disappeared back into the trees.

Deragan turned and found he faced Sebastian. A growl rumbling up his throat as he started.

“How are you, Captain?” Sebastian asked. Concern soothing Deragan’s flash of irritation.

“I worry. Rhyers is unsettled.”

“That’s a rarity.”

Which is why I worry.

“He thinks it may be a trap.”

“It most certainly is.” Bast agreed. “The decision you have to make is who is better prepared?”

Fair point.

“Your thoughts?”

Who is better prepared? We’ve been readying for this for two centuries. Practicing weaponry. Teaching ourselves speed and perfecting shifting.

We’re ready.

But Rhyers doesn’t think so. Worrying.

And Bast seems unsure. Also worrying.

“Very little.” Bast laughed. “I dare offer none on this subject. You are our leader and I do not pretend to be any wise council. Alazareth would be better suited to that end.”

True. He is wiser. More careful.

He will tell me to wait. Too plan.

“He is always wary.” Deragan knew.

“But he is usually right.” Bast pointed out. Showing none of the reluctance to compliment his twin that Alazareth did when it came to Sebastian.

I tire of waiting.

I want to watch the light die from Radix’s eyes like it died from hers…

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