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A floor below Mardichi’s chamber, Raese sat in the dark. Staring at his hairbrush. Everytime he tossed his arm out, the end would luminesce in vibrant green. As vivid as Raese’s eyes.

Deragan walked carefully to Raese’s door, since he’d locked himself in there for several days. Deragan lifted his fist and barely tapped the wood.

“Being awful careful.” Sebastian drawled from the down the hall where he leaned against the wall in amusement.

“Trying to ration my strength.”

“So, you don’t bend in the hinges and knock it down trying to tap on it?” Bast mocked.

“’Tis not funny. I’m still learning how all this strength works.”

“It works well.” Bast pushed off the wall. “Better than the beasts trying to claw out of me.”

“That does look uncomfortable.” Deragan cleared his throat. Noticing the scratches crisscrossing Bast’s torso where small creatures had dug their way out of him a few days past when Bast had gotten furious with Mardichi lighting his silk tunic on fire.

“Yes?” Raese called from inside the room.

“Can we come in?”

Bast drew near Deragan to wait with him.


They entered and found him staring at the end of the glowing hairbrush in confusion.

“What are you doing?” Bast blurted.

“Figuring out what this does.”

“Why are you using your brush?”

“Because it won’t come out of my hands. I have to move it through something wood, I think.”

“Interesting…” Deragan murmured.

“’Tis glowing.” Bast said.

“Bit more than that.” Raese slowly rotated the brush. Forming a wide green circle. As the circle opened, it was an outline of swirling lights. The inside of the chamber changed. Sunlight was bright, despite that in reality it was an overcast day. The chair was now newly upholstered, and tapestries were clean and bright.

“It creates illusions?” Deragan asked.

“Hardly an illusion.” Raese dropped his hand. The light dousing at the end of the brush. When the swirling circle vibrated and closed with a violent burst. That half of the room remained changed.

“I change reality.”

Bast grunted and wandered across the room to drop into the chair. When it didn’t give under him, he grabbed the armrest and lifted it before slamming it down a few times before giving Deragan a shocked look. “It’s real enough.”


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