The Elemental Cosmic

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Magic, Crafts, and Other Delusions

Snow fell giving into the weight of gravity as the branch above them succumbed.
“Watch out Isaac!” Mayor Wes whispered behind him.
The wolf halted as a large heap of ice crystals fell in front of them followed by the weakened piece of oak.
“You still got the scent?”
Condensation surrounded Isaac as he exhaled. A natural low rumble let out in his throat at the end of every breath. The wolf nodded, giving a motion with his head in the direction they were to take. Ice lightly crunched below his feet giving way, melting from the abnormal heat his paws exerted. He lowered his head, examining the snow taking some on the tip of his snout as an unwanted souvenir.
With these footprints it’s easy to track, but I don’t want to lose the scent, just in case. Yes, it turned here, and there, okay.
Him and Wes ventured deeper into an open woodland of a panoramic winter and traveled through dawn.
“Woah there.” Wes clinched his bow tighter at the abrupt stop. A light click of wood let out as he notched an arrow, and Isaac turned shaking his head.
“You want this one? Okay, boy.”
The wolf narrowing his eyes in a preyful allure sharpened his vision. Still. Calm. Isaac’s breath slowed as well as his movements. The cloth wrapped around his arm now a dark crimson and his fur clumped together soaking in the landscape’s frozen water. Coursing amongst the snow in a lowering stance, flakes clung toward the outer parts of his hair furthering a true camouflage drifting toward his target. Silent. Undetected.
There’s still about 100 yards left between me and this Buck, just a little bit closer…


Snow exploded as he leaped forward! The grazing buck in a daze confusion frantically stumbled over himself taking off! Shouts came out from the mayor but were inaudible for all that mattered to Isaac in this moment was the thrill of the hunt. The primal instinct between hunter and hunted.
Faster, Faster!
He said as he heaved through, twisting, and turning around trees trying to outmaneuver his prey.
That’s it! I’ve almost got it! Come on!
Matching speeds in a parallel pursue, Isaac leaped! The wolf’s heart raced with excitement as he finally wrapped his jaws around the animal’s throat tackling it! Spasmic jolts arose wildly with desperate attempts of freedom... And blood coursed through Isaac’s mouth with blindful lust as he sank his teeth in deeper ripping out its throat. Then there was serenity. Acceptance.
Shh, shh, shh, it’s over now big guy. You put up a good fight. Isaac spoke to the deer releasing it. Its antlers dropped further disappearing into the crimson blanket. I’m sorry it has to be this way, but I need you in order to survive. We need you, to survive. Blood in a spattered array decorated his face, his body, dripping down collecting in the ever-growing pool. Licking the remains of life’s essence off his snout, Wes finally caught up with widened eyes.
“It didn’t get ya did it?!” He panted out, frantically trying to look him over for a wound.
He actually is different from his kind. The way he looks at me, the way he talks to me. To him it’s like I’m no different than anybody else but am at the same time. Not a beast, but an intelligent companion. I like it... Isaac shook his head and listened to Wes boast about the kill.
“Can you carry it? It’s the same size as you are!”
The wolf laid down.
Wes took the sign for what it’s worth and started to heave the unanimated mass over Isaac’s back. He took rope from his rucksack and began securing the animal around him. Knots he learned from being in the military so long I’m sure. Isaac thought as he felt confident in his ability to move freely without the buck falling off.
“That’d outta do it.” Wes said, taking a look back at his work. “Now, les go look at them snares. See if we picked up anythin.”
They tracked their way back through the wood. The game collected provided Isaac a wide variety of rabbits dangling off on either side and two bucks around his back, proving yet again, another successful hunt.
“By now most of the townsfolk know about our hunting trips.” Wes said brushing a branch out of his way, “and I can tell ya mos don like it. Not all, but mos. You’ve been a big help to me though Isaac. Yer helpin me show people here that it’s alright. Alright to live together, alright to trust ya. Most don get it right now, but I have hope they’ll come round. Yer a damn good huntin partner too by the way. We’re gonna have to get ya cleaned up though when we get back home.”

Isaac and Wes came out of the wood through Longleaf.

Well he is the mayor. I wouldn’t expect anything less than for people to want to talk to him. Isaac thought as he waited patiently for his conversation to end about a dispute someone had over land. I wonder if the people here built their own homes. Most are made out of logs, and some are fairly big… Hm, they could’ve. Maybe Alaric and I will be able to build our own home. What are those kids staring at? We’ve come through here multiple times like - oh yeah, that’s right. I’m covered in blood. Are they— waving at me?

“Come on Isaac.” Wes said, snapping the wolf’s attention forward, and then with a whisper, “Let’s get home before someone else tries to stop us.”

Toward the back end of Longleaf the Mayor’s house was off in the distance displaying a glorious antique of Victorian aesthetic. The walk over the snow glazed opened fields was filled with conversation from Wes about how he dreamed of becoming mayor of this town. Branching off toward random rambles which when Isaac thought about it, had no idea how the topic went from onions, to politics, to clouds,

Wes talked in the silence as if he were talking to a long lost friend.

but then they stopped. Near where they had collected all the wood for the up and coming winter, Wes stood there mulling over words which to say. He turned around near the shed and Isaac watched his gaze shift from his red eye to his blue.
“I’ve always found it nice talking to ya’ll. Always have. I know ya listen, and maybe that’s the therapeutic part of it. I don know, I jus, I- I kno you understand me. Jus, thank you for bein here boy. You and Alaric both. Now les get them damned things off of ya and get you washed up before we break our fast.”
The following weeks that passed developed a pattern. Every other day Wes and Isaac would go hunting then tag along helping Wes with his duties around the grounds. Alaric stayed bedridden. A shy amount of strength returned after the fever broke, but the bite proved to be a perpetual crippler. His cabin fever though was mitigated by treatment from Bill and Kara. When Bill wasn’t defeating his enemies with Isaac, he would come asking questions about how he should make something, or to show off his latest “invention”. Kara, however, spent the most time with him. Their conversations grew deeper into the views of life, history, and the ways of the world. She during the night would sit with Isaac, furthering his tutoring, improving his skill at a much faster rate than Alaric thought he ever could.
We’re on our way Alaric, Isaac said gathering food in the kitchen.
“Hey! Are you listening?” Bill said waving a gigantic hand made out of cardboard at him.
“Yeah, yeah I’m listening. Isaac was telling me that his hunt was over.”
“Isaac’s coming?! Yes! He can see my latest creation! Okay! So, you see it’s like a claw. You move your hand and the extended parts of it move as well. See! Look!” Bill flexed his hand. The string that wrapped each individual finger was attached to the end of five large pieces of cardboard. When Bill moved his hand the cardboard extensions over each digit moved as well. “It’s cool right!”
Hmm, it’s like a hand over a hand. Almost as if he’s puppeteering a larger one. Don’t have a clue what it’d be used for, but it’s pretty cool.
“Move it again. Yeah that is cool! Here. Attach the strings for your hands to rings like this instead of tying them to your fingers. It’ll be easier to take on and off that way and give you better control. Also, line the cardboard with some wire if you have any. Think of it as a skeleton for the hand, it’ll give it more strength and won’t be so flimsy.”
Bill’s face lit up! “Woah! Okay!”
“Mornin!” Wes said walking in with food and new bandages.
“Good morning.” Good job on the hunt by the way. Alaric felt the wolf smile.
“Papa! Isaac! Look at this! I call it, The Claw©!” Bill flexed his hand again.
“Oh! I like that one!” Wes said, patting him on the head and set Alaric’s food down. “Hey Bill, I was wondering if I could talk to Alaric alone for a second.”
“Yeah, he was just giving some tips on how to make this better! Imma go fix it up and be back with The Claw 2.0©©!”

The boy ran out the room, and Wes shut the door taking a seat next to Alaric and Isaac. Good, I don’t want him to see this… Alaric thought while Wes started to unwrap his bandages. The blackened veins that had been growing a little at a time, now branched out around his whole torso. Reddened skin laced the darkness in a constant state of inflammation that coursed both the aroma of death, and plump swelling. With no signs of healing through indorsement of Isaac’s tears or various medical implements from the mayor, the growing mass was a shiner, bringing both pain and suffering for its host. Wesley took a good long look at the unknown displayed from Malachi’s unforgiving bite.

“I’m making arrangements to have you transported to Eecon. There I feel like you’ll find better treatment than what we here in this town can offer ya, at least someone there might know what this is. We barely have a doctor as it is, and even he don’t know much, that’s why I’m taking care of ya. I’ll show you off myself. It’s the least I can do for ya to make sure ya get there safe. We’ll leave in a week’s time if that’s alright, I gotta set up some things for while I’m away.”

I think it would be wise. Isaac said, sitting near the bedside. What we’re doing isn’t working and from what we’re not doing is letting it get worse.
I know. Alaric reached out with a thumb encasing the wolf’s left eye, brushed an eye booger out, and rubbed the short white hair on his snout. Don’t know how you stand those things near your eye. “Thank you Wes. For everything.”
“No thanks needed son, just helping out a friend.”
“Why though? Why are you doing this? Why go through all this trouble?”[1] “I told ya son, one of you saved me. I’m just repayin the debt.”
“There is no debt. We’ve been here for weeks, I think it’s more than that, I know it is. Wes we know… We know what Kara is.”
Wes started nodding his head and let out a long sigh, “Well I’m not surprised ya figured it out, she’s a spitting image of her mother after all. Isaac, will you hand me a towel from that bowl? No one here knows about it, even she doesn’t know. I’d like to keep it that way if I could, son. People here aren’t ready for that kind of news yet. Thank you boy.” He said to the wolf and started pushing out black puss the wound was exerting. “I wanted to tell her sooner, I did, I jus, I don’t want her to hate me. It’s important that she learns about her family, jus when the time is right, ya know.”
“Well, who’s her mother?”
“Agnus Okami,” Wes said with the smile from the heart, “The only woman I ever loved. I met her while I was out in the Netherlands.”
The Netherlands? Isaac raised his head up a little.
“She and some others were the ones that saved me after my platoon deserted. They say that the Netherlands is what’s left of what used to be in the world before the rapture happened. Another name for it is Old Earth. They’re right. There, it’s sort of a preserved time that’s been sealed off due to the infestation of Hollowmen. I swear, there are metal buildins out there that reach toward the sky. I don know how something like that could’ve been built. Nothin we have can do anything like that. A lot of resources lie there though such as gold, silver, what have you. The military deployed us out there though to excavate some giant bones, I don’t know what they were for, I jus’ followed orders no questions asked.”

I TOLD you they were real! I knew Giants existed! Who shouldn’t believe what they hear in a pub now, huh?! Alaric exploded!
Shut up! This is serious!
“Well what happened, how long were you out there?”

“We’d be out there for two years lookin. Was about to lose hope until we found some, and we were jus’ halfway through minin when we got overrun. Hollowmen swarmed us from all over! We were trying to escape and that’s when I injured my leg. I couldn’t run no more, couldn’t walk, and my men left me.” He pulled up his pants leg and revealed a scar that corkscrewed down his leg. “I found shelter and waited for the inevitable to happen, but to my surprise, people showed up… They offered me a hand and I spit on it after I realized they were yer kind. That’s what I meant by I didn’t always be this way. I tried to put up a fight and immediately got knocked out.”
As he should for doing some dumb shit like that. Isaac said.
Alaric relayed the message and Wesley laughed, “Yer damn right! As I should’ve! They strapped me to one of their wolves and took me anyway though. Next when I woke I was in a makeshift splint, inside a hut on a bed, and a woman was rinsing rags in water. I tried reaching for my knife, but it was gone. I made empty treats, but she saw through them. She knew no one was coming for me, she saw what happened, and she introduced herself and told me she’d nurse me back to health. It took awhile for me to accept their care, their protection, but I did because of Agnus. The more she took care of me the more… I…well fancied her.” He said scratching his head and looked away.

“She told me that she traveled with her father, Lucas. That they had come from Okami wealth but lived in the Netherlands with a group of followers searching for Enoch’s treasure.”

Enoch’s treasure? Alaric looked at Isaac.
The first brother?
No, no, that’s the second brother. Aaseic was the first, and Bane was the third. Why is my uncle out looking for a myth though?
“Did they find it?” He asked as Wesley dressed the wound.
“No, not that I know of, not while I was there at least. As I started to heal, I became more and more fond of the clan. I spent years with them, helping out whenever I could, until… One day, I overstepped my boundaries and asked Lucas for his blessing to marry his daughter. He became outraged… Agnus overheard and she declared her love for me and that’s when her father stripped her of all her titles, her family name, disowning her completely. He couldn’t believe that she would fall in love with someone like me, a human. He banished us from the clan and so we traveled through the Netherlands trying to get back here to Longleaf, my home. Before we left… The three of us were overcome with Hollowmen and Agnus’s wolf, Kara, sacrificed herself so that we would be able to make it out... It took a huge toll on Agnus… I’ve been told that for one of you to lose your wolf is like losing half yer soul.”
“You’re right, it is.” Alaric said looking at Isaac, “After we imprint, our souls create a bond merging themselves together to form a new whole. We become one in the same, yet remain individual… For Agnus to lose her wolf… It would be like looking into a mirror but seeing no reflection... I couldn’t imagine the pain she went through…”
“It was tough... It was. I’ve never seen the light go out of someone’s eyes like that before, and I could see the void dwelling in her heart. We…we made it back here to Longleaf where we decided to settle down. The town were surprised to see me, even more so that I came back with a wife, I wasn’t the Mayor at that time, Richard was. The military sent word here that I died with honor back in the Netherlands. With honor…” Wesley snuffed. “Only once we were able to have our first kid did I see the light return to her eyes. A girl with black hair and golden eyes just like her, and she wanted to name her Kara, after her wolf. Agnus unfortunately passed away giving birth to our boy Bill…I…” Wesley started to tear up, “I miss her everyday. Kara is such a spitting image of her, stubborn as she was too! She took the gene while Bill did not, but she’s 11 now though so—”

“So, she’s passed the age she can imprint. Still, just because she’s wolfless doesn’t mean she’s human, neither does Bill, under the right circumstances half breeds can still imprint.”

“Yer right, and yer right about this being more because it is. Her father might not of wanted me in the family, but to me-- yer family, and I’ll take care of ya the best that I can. Don’t think I don know who Godric was, and don think I don know who you are too. With you wearing his cloak like that, it’s pretty damn obvious. Godric offered to take us back into the clan after he got word we made it back to Longleaf, and we were making arrangements to move to Aethrid, but after Agnus passed. I jus, I don kno, I couldn’t.”
“Your secret is safe with us. It’s your decision on whether or not Kara should know, not for us to take that from you. Wes I’m grateful for you, for your kindness, your hospitality, but more so…that you make us feel like we belong here. That we have a home. It’s something Isaac and I haven’t had in a long time.”
“You can always call this place home if you want, son.” He said wrapping up his things, “Now, I have to go settle a land dispute Larry came up with earlier today. I shouldn’t be gone long, but Isaac can find me if ya need me.”

Well, what do we do now? Alaric asked fingering with his locket.
What do you mean? Isaac climbed on the bed. The wolf made it creak and bow, but the solid wood frame proved its own sustaining his large weight. He laid facing toward the closed curtained windows aliening his spine with Alaric’s, the bed* barely long enough to contain his length as he took up more than two thirds of it.
Scooch over! Alaric said, regaining some space. I mean with Kara, why wouldn’t Wesley accept my fathers offer to come to Aethrid? She could’ve imprinted, and who knows Bill might have too. I don’t know how I feel about him taking that away from them. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have you.
I think he did the right thing by not going.
Think about it. Wes is only doing what he thinks is right, not for himself, but for Kara and Bill. Imagine them growing up in the clan with a human as a parent. The adults of Aethrid would accept it, but what about the children? It wouldn’t matter if they were of Okami blood or not, it’d be no different than how you grew up while you were wolfless. Ridiculed and branded for something you couldn’t help. Yes they could’ve imprinted, but what if they didn’t? They’re both halfbreeds, just one shows more Okami traits than the other. I think Wes thinks especially after how uncle Lucas reacted, his children would grow up with more challenges because he’s human there than they would here.
I guess you’re right.
With everything else, we just need to focus on getting you healed.


“Okay, Isaac!” Bill said, holding his thumb up to the wolf as a unitless measuring tool, “Let’s see, [3] do you want it to be spikey at the ends or rounded? Nod for spikey, shake your head for rounded. Okay, round tips it is then.”

“Alaric watch!” Kara sat on the wolf’s back facing toward the bed and with a wave of her wand made flowers come out of thin air.

“Oh wow!”

“That’s not all I’ve been working on, check this out!” From her black and purple cloak she pulled out an egg and balanced it on her wand. “Prepare, to witness the impossible!” It started spinning uncontrollably. Faster and faster it spun on the wand until Kara threw the egg up in the air! “Mutare!” She exclaimed! Catching the egg, Alaric leaned in to get a closer look as to what was to happen, even Bill stopped to watch. She cracked the egg over Isaac head and ---

Why- Why am I wet…?

Laughter exploded out as the yolk ran down Isaac’s forehead and Kara’s face turned beat red, “Isaac, I’m so sorry! A- A chicken was supposed to come out, I don’t know what went wrong…”

“I don’t know either, but I think it’s a good look!”

The embarrassment grew on Kara as tears surfaced, “Hey, hey, he’s not mad. He thinks it’s funny! A chicken was supposed to come out? How does the trick work, maybe I can help?”

“No, you can’t! A good magician never reveals their secrets. I will figure it out on my own.” She said as she started to wipe the yolk off of Isaac’s forehead. The wolf’s head was about half the size of the girl and after she climbed back on top of the mountain that laid on the ground and reached into her front pocket, “Alaric, look at this new rock I found! Well, Bill found it while we were out rock hunting.”

Isaac shook his head at Bill. “Are you sure?” the boy said sitting at the foot of the bed with his raw materials and crafting tools on the carpet. “If you say so, hang on.” His blond hair hung down to his shoulders, and had tied half of it back to keep from getting in his eyes. He wore his green shirt with the Humanity symbol in red on his torso that was tucked into dark linen pants. Bill used one of his callused feet to secure the cardboard on his mat while he made a couple cuts. “How about this?”

Oh, I like that! The wolf thought, and eagerly nodded his head. Alaric I’m going to look so good in this new armor!

Oh yeah? I can’t wait to see when it’s finished. “Kara, where did you get your cloak? I like it.”

“Yep, she never takes the thing off.” Bill said, “Daggum, where’d I put my scissors?” His question was answered with Isaac’s snout nudging them forward, “Ah! Yeah, one time a kid from school made fun of her for it, and I bopped him right in the nose! Didn’t I Kara! He didn’t have to much to say then.”

“Well, neither did you. You had to spend a week away from school. One time, when I was 5, a traveling magician came to Longleaf!” Kara said with soft excitement. “She announced that she would perform a show in the town square for all to come! ‘Witness the unimaginable, the impossible, come see the unthinkable!’ She would say! When night time came she set up her stage and the whole town came out to watch, it was beautiful. Lit by candle light, she even pulled me up on stage to be her assistant for a trick! She wore a cloak just like this! Black with purple on the inside and the strip on the back with the circle! I watched her float in a bubble, transform a lion into a crow, and make time itself speed up and slow down. It was amazing! I wanna be just like her, she was so strong and captivated the audience with every movement! I tried to make my own cloak… but I kept failing. I’m not the best at sewing. Eventually I asked daddy and he got me one for my birthday and a wand!” She pulled out the finer of the 3 wands, “Daddy said he whittled it himself!”

“So you want to be a magician?”

“Yes! I’m going to travel all over Albion when I’m good enough!”

“What about you Bill, what do you wanna be?”

“I’m going to be a knight!” He said flexing his muscles. “But not just any knight. With my inventions, I’m going to be the greatest knight of all time, even greater than Pa! Alright Sir Isaac, stand up! Let’s put this on!”

The wolf rose and Kara let out a yelp as she regained her balance on his back. Bill gathered the pieces, and started to assemble his masterpiece beginning with the forearms. He tied the shaped cardboard around Isaac’s arms that eloquently curved around his elbows and hind legs. Isaac tilted his head and Bill and Kara helped put the face plates on that protected his forehead, curving around his eyes, and continued down his snout.

“What about you Alaric? What do you wanna be?” Kara asked, finishing a knot.

Alaric smiled… The amusement of it was too much so not to. “I’m not sure. When I was your age, I wanted to do what my father did, but... I’m not sure if I can now. Right now, I’m just an adventurer. Isaac wants to open up a bookshop though.”

“A bookshop?! Isaac you would look so cute as a bookkeeper!” She said mussing up his fur.

“Okay! You can turn around now!”

Isaac turned around to face the huge mirror that leaned on the wall, taking his image in. The wolf’s heterochromia showed fierceness with his red and blue eyes shining bright out the helm. His white fur curled around bits of the armor and Kara as well. Bill had attached a breast plate around his torso, and plates branched off his helmet to protect his neck. The wolf turned his head side to side swishing his tail around that had plates tied onto it. He moved his eyes up to see Kara’s gold one’s twinkling.

We. Look. Fucking. Awesome!

Alaric felt the joy rise in Isaac’s heart. The notion of a family outside of himself is what Isaac had rarely experienced, but here, he got an idea of it. The wolf felt as though he had slipped into the role of an older brother, a protector. Bill and Kara looked up to him. To both of them. The weeks that Isaac had spent helping Wes, playing with them, and just spending time put them in a special place within his soul. One of love; One of happiness.

“Do you like it?!”

Isaac let out a roar!

“Bill, you did such a good job! This looks amazing! Hey Isaac, are we going to read today? You’ve been doing so well on your tests by the way!”

He walked over near the fireplace in a loud shuffle from cardboard brushing up against itself to an A frame canvas Kara had set up for him. Isaac bit the end of a pen holding it firmly in between his front teeth and began to work on the canvas. Kara sat patiently brushing her hands amongst his fur, watching the movements of his neck.

Yes, please. Letters to a Loved one?

“You want to read that?!” The glee from her voice couldn’t be contained! “Okay!”

“Kara are you reading?” Bill asked, and then to Alaric, “I like it when she reads, even though most of the time I not a clue what she’s talking about. It’s nice to listen though while I work on my projects, you said line the claw with wire right? Lemme go get some before she starts, hold on Kara! I’ll be right back!”

“Hurry up! We will start without you!” Kara slid off the wolf and got into their usual spot. Grabbing a handful of books, and adjusted the canvas for the wolf. Positioning it for easy access for questions and pop quizzes, “Beats the taste of chalk I’m sure. While we wait, let’s quiz you on your vocabulary. Spell... vulgar. Good!”

[4] She tucked herself in the center of the wolf’s curl, laying on his side. Bill burst through the door with a new handful of materials, and Kara was diligent to tell him to keep it down, not interrupt Isaac’s learning, and she began.

“Dear Kathrine,

As we sail across open seas, I find serenity. From the subtle creaks in the ship’s wood, to the light mist of the cold water spraying me. It floods my senses, and with thoughts of the ship swaying by forces unknown controlling these charted waters, it oddly eases my mind. I welcome the change of pace after the events of God’s Ear. Before we departed, I appointed my second in command, Altier, to remain there and uphold what we have won while we embark toward Eecon. The men’s morale has boosted greatly from our recent victory. They are filled with vigor and liquid confidence as I sit on the railing near the helm, I watch them fish, gamble, and spare one another. It warms my heart that they see me as one of their own, that I have their trust, and loyalty on my side. I did not ask to lead, but they look to me to do so, and do so I will. Early today I won a purse full of coin being dealt into blackjack. Please enjoy these earnings however you wish - in the bag I have also placed my ring and musket ball. I believe all answers are given to us through nature for whatever questions we may seek out, one just has to know where to look. Perspective is both an odd and beautiful thing. Simplicity can only be seen through loss of complexity. Complexity is only lost through understanding, and understanding can only be gained through perspective of simplicity. This is an instrument of pure elemental mass I carry for when I need a clear mind, and even now, I fiddle with it as I write to you, my dearest. Hold it, and may it provide you with the same sense of lucidity. As you know the ring belonged to my grandfather. I can’t help but remember all the lessons he has taught me on being a leader, a friend, and the ways of life. During these times it would pain me greatly if it were to become lost. Please keep it safe for me, I will see it again soon. Also, I have acquired a new companion with me on this journey. As we were loading our crates a young pup slipped in amongst the commotion and stowed away into our food supply. There wasn’t much that could be done after she was found for, we were already out at sea. The pup is shy at times but can be quite fierce, charging after someone for whom I had to raise my voice too, and she seems to have taken a liking to chasing after my heels. War is no place to kindle such a companionship. At first landing I shall pawn her off for a fair price and to a good owner. With her double rows of K-9 teeth I believe she may be a dire wolf.”

“Wait.” Bill said, looking up from his Claw, “Isaac, do you have two sets of teeth??”
“What did I tell you about interrupting!” Kara snapped at him, but then curiosity overtook her. “Wait, do you?”
“Yeah he does.” Alaric chimed in and watched Bill rush over to grab the wolf’s face.
“By the gods, he does!!”
“Wait what?! Lemme see!”
What... is going on? Isaac thought while tiny fingers prodded his gums and razor sharp teeth. He opened his mouth wider and they both gasped!

“Okay, okay, we gotta get back to your lesson. Bill, go back over there, and don’t interrupt us again. Now, where were we, where were we -- Ah, here!

There would be no way of knowing until she is fully grown, but from the stories it is said that their withers can span the height of a man’s armpit. In God’s Ear there was a lot of exotic trading going about from the ports, still, it is rare to find such a species. With Eecon being one of the most important cities in all of Albion, it should be easy to get fair coin. Kathrine, have you ever wondered what a tree’s thoughts might be? How their inner dialogue may be structured? I feel like they would have a morbid sense of clarity...

*Voiced by the tree in your backyard*

I sit and wait. This forlorn existence everlasting as I watch through source of feeling the unfettered contempt you have for me. Surrounded by haunted thoughts of future past dwellings don’t look away as you brand me. I sit. Time exhales constrained immortality of immobile relativism. I wait. Silent screams carry soft susurrations accompanied by whom I have forwarded. Enduring the pain on either side, with an outstretched branch, I invite to both sit, and wait.


Luckily, we ran into no trouble on our voyage and have docked in Eecon. I miss you more with every passing day and hold you in my mind’s eye, always. I long to spend a true forever with you, one unencumbered, and everlasting. We are about to unload the ship and establish footing here. I look forward to writing to you again soon.

Love, William.”

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