My Hidden Self: Darkest Hour

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"What is this, where am I, and who are you?" I say, stuttering and looking around, taking in my surroundings in a candle-lit room. I was lying on something hard but soft at the same time, and there was a little side table where a small lamp stood on; the room didn't like a bedroom, more of a small waiting room. Someone was sitting beside my bed, waiting for me to wake up; they were tall from what I saw and had about mid-length hair that was dark if not black.  "No worries, you're at my place, and no harm will come to you here. I am Emilio, and it's a pleasure to be of service to my queen." My eyes looked at him, astonished he must be on something or crazy. Besides, I'm no queen, and he has to be mistaken. I feel sad for the person he is looking for because this place gives me the creeps. "Emilio, I think that you've got the bad gal here. You see, I'm no queen, much less the anyone you're looking for." I gave a half-smile more because I was getting a little claustrophobic and uncomfortable in this small room. Olivia Bryn is a full time working liberian reinventing her life and making sure to leave her disastrous one behind. She never looks back until her past catches up to her. Always on the run, making sure nothing ever stops her. Olivia must decide what her true-self, and what it means for her future. Olivia fights to protect who she is and protect others and hers;.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1: Prologue: The Past

Author note: This is an unedited story, but when the book is complete, I will go back and edit it. I would love your input on grammar errors and how you're like the book. The picture on my cover does not belong to me; it belongs to the rightful owner. This story will contain GRAPHICS CONTENT, Sexual and drug abuse, mature scenes: I will try and warn before those scenes to skip over if you choose to. I haven't planned this book out; I'm taking it page by page and hope you will enjoy and love it as much as I.

I never really had my mom or dad looking out for me like the "regular" kids have. My parents were rarely there growing up, and the times they were, I wished they weren't because of how messed up and complicated they were. We never understood each other; it blew my mind how they could give up so easily on their child. Luckily, I was the only one they had, and I thankfully didn't have any siblings. Although sometimes I wish I had someone to protect me from the chaos that surrounds my life. I used to pretend when I was little that my brother would run over to me and swoop me up in his arms and take me away from here. I wished for that day to come even though I knew it wouldn't happen in my wildest dreams. I got used to being alone, and no one there to help me from the shitty place, and I don't know I managed to end up here or what I did to deserve it.

Let me explain more about my parents, so it's not as confusing; they aren't so used to having me around. They were great when I was a baby, but as I got older, they started to hate me more; sometimes, they would call me names, but they started hitting me when I turned sixteen. They would blame me for things they said was my fault getting the rent and bills paid late or them having a shitty life, saying I took away their lively hood, whatever that meant. I remember once I was walking home from another hell-hole, the school called "A Step Ahead." I walked in the front door, and my mom threw the most enormous thing she could find at the moment, a pot that hit me in the chest, knocking the air out of my lungs from how hard she threw it because I forgot to do chores this morning. I was going to bruise, but it was the least of my problems; I could take the physical abuse, but it was worse at school; it was a living nightmare, and I hated going to school. Every so often, I would ditch a couple of classes and hang out at this little spot by the school. I feel my parents put me in that school to make sure my life more miserable; I hated science; I loved my free period or Lit-Studies because they were the most fun to me.

I ditched chemistry and economics to avoid the scum of the earth Ryland Richards; he thought he was better than everyone and had everyone falling over him like the movies. He didn't care for anyone but himself; he was so pathetic, thinking everyone wanted to him or be with him. Whenever I walked into classes that I had with him, he would make it a habit of showing me he would make sure that the rest of the school year was a living hell for me. I don't know why he would think that I cared about anything he did because I was done with his existence ever since we met; he felt that I was his for some reason. I remember the first time I met him in class, and he kept his creepy gaze on me, and every time he gave me chills and goosebumps. I was leaving school that same day and getting what I needed and headed out. I ran into him while leaving, and it was very awkward; he made this weird smile, and his bulging eyes stared at me. The faster I moved, the quicker he followed me out; I swear I saw his long fingers reached for me when I was walking the side of the school, but then I ran out, and we saw the janitor.

I knew then I had to avoid him at all cost, and I had a feeling he was up to no good; I had weird vibes from him. I didn't want to find out what they were; there was enough trouble at home, no need for it to be in my school life. I was walking home, and cars were passing by; luckily, the school wasn't far from home. A car turned the corner and pulled up beside me, going as fast as I was walking; I looked over to see who was driving to tell them off, and it was Ryland. I didn't know why he was following me, and it creeped me out even more; he didn't need to know where I lived, so I cut through the short cut where cars wouldn't be able to drive. I had no idea why he was following me, like did he have a problem with me? I didn't know him; we just had a few classes together, so I didn't know what his problem could be. This path was stunning; with the vast trees and surrounding fallen leaves and the greenery was relaxing.

I took my time walking home because I loved it here, I got most of my peace of mind here, and when I wasn't in a rush to get home, I would rest in the field. I didn't stop there that day because Ryland creeped me out, and I wanted to get to my bedroom and throw myself in my school work and fall asleep afterward. The small field came into view, meaning that the trail was ending, and I rushed the rest of the way, looking down at my feet. I could hear someone was walking on the other side of the path. I moved over to not bump into them, walking out of their way because I socially awkward; I was trying to be friendly and get home as soon as possible. Looking at the book I had in my hand, turning to the page I left off, all of a sudden, I felt two hands on me, and I was pushed on the floor, hitting my head. I looked up to see Ryland there standing over me with a malicious smile, and I started crawling away from him the fastest I could go on my ass and hands, cutting my hands. He pulled me up and backed me up into a tree, making sure I couldn't move.

I said, "W-what a-are you, d-doing Ryland?" I looked at him with daggers in my eyes, even though my voice betrayed me.

His cracked lips showing a stony smile, he said, "You know that you will always be mine, and nothing will stop me from having you, and you'll always be mine." His eyes were cold and emotionless, and he was getting closer to me like he wasn't close enough.

I was confused and getting scared. I said, "I'm not; I don't belong to you, much less anyone for that matter." Feeling myself getting more daring and angry now and before he could try anything, my leg went up, hitting him in a vulnerable spot.

I made a run for it moving as fast as my legs could take me. I heard Ryland shouting, not caring what he was saying, walking faster, and then I heard footsteps behind me. I tried running more quickly, but I felt hands grabbing my hair, pulling me back. I yelped in pain, a smug smile playing on his lips. I started going through my bag to find the pepper spray; I felt his hand sting across my face. I pulled out the pepper spray, and I heard him calling me a few choice names. We heard more people coming, and I used that as a way to escape running home as fast as I could get there. When I made it home, I opened the door, and I ran up the staircase to my bedroom, locking the door.

Out of breath, I dropped my bag on the floor, trying to get a sense of what had just happened. I looked around my room, going to my bed by the window, covered by black blinds to keep out the sun, and sitting down on the perfect spread of orange sheets and cover. The flimsy medium brown desk By my bed I picked up at garage-sell a while back, it had my books, and a couple laid out pencil and such laid on top. I grabbed my work from my bad and got started on schoolwork; his words never left my head and what he meant. I was done, so I began my chores around the house in between continuing my story as a break. Finishing up the laundry, my last thing on my list, I went back to finish my schoolwork. I plopped on my bed in exhaustion, wanting the day to be over, but instead, I started on dinner. I made my favorite food, some buttered pasta with garlic bread, it was so filling and delicious.

When dinner is made, I served my parents and hurried off to my room, enjoying dinner in there. I never ate with them; they always commented on how the food tasted terrible while stuffing their faces. I just ate in my room, and when I was done cleaning my plate in the kitchen. I played some music while read sometimes singing along and moving my head back and forth. I listened to some pop on my youtube list of various famous artists I loved kept me going through my difficult times. I went to my room and continued reading my book before passing for the night, and all of a sudden, I felt this weird feeling. I feel as if I was being watched, and I shivered at the thought. I went to the window, closing it I saw a shadow in my back yard and slamming and locking my window I closed the blinds and went to shower before I fell asleep for the night.
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