FOREVER KNIGHTS: Rise of the King of Assassins

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BOOK TWO of the Forever Knight Series SAVAGE JAXSON I was born into darkness. Growing in the dungeons of the Grier Citadel. Feeding on the rats to survive. And from that I learned you consume what's necessary to live. Then one day my father, King Ocnomad, paid an assassin to drown me in the river. To hide the king’s great secret…Me. He couldn’t let anyone find out what I really am. A secret to be kept at all costs… Even from me. Unfortunate for him, that a group of demons crossed Grier that day. Amongst them was Chavias Derenoe, Warlord to the Demon Master. Chavias would become the closest thing to a father I'd know. And I'm a creature of unfailing loyalty.

Fantasy / Romance
Manda May
Age Rating:

Revisiting What's Happened


Forever Knights: Emergence

Deragan Black's pack of immortal knights have found they not only have extraordinary abilities but can shapeshift into both dragons and wolves. As the century has departed, they've drifted further from humanity.

Friends and family they once knew now long deceased, they've discovered the vast isolation in being what they are.

The citizens of Ardae seem happily oblivious to Radix's constant presence and his slow take over.

Sebastian Bodane has captured a valkyrie and imprisoned her in the Forever Knight Stronghold, WaterRose Castle.

Captain Deragan Black continues to woo his mate anew, each lifetime she emerges. But in her most recent one, Radix crept into her chamber and murdered her in the bed next to Deragan the eve of their wedding.

Grief stricken, their alpha rallies them to attack Radix. But it'd been a perfectly orchestrated ambush. Though both sides had fought boldly enough to dub it the Great Battle, much was lost. Including Raese Merlinus and his precious staff and Chavias Derenoe who'd been struck down and taken by Cimmerii. As well as many others who were buried where they landed the following day.

In that one ferocious blow, Radix has badly demolished the Forever Knight force. Unlike Radix's Cimmerii, they could not merely twist souls and gain numbers.

The Forever Knights' remaining hope lay leveraged in the arrival of the Watchers. A lower sect of angels coming to rejoin mankind in an effort to save humanity.

The Watchers are rare and precious and just need kept safe until such a time as they can ascend.

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