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Some call him a total nightmare and others say it is like being in a god's presence when he is near you. Everyone fears him and no one dares to defy him. Who would when he is one of the most powerful Alpha's the werewolf world has ever had. The mere mention of the Blaze pelt pack gave werewolves from different packs shivers. He is the most powerful and feared Alpha. Alpha Jaxon Ryker.... They call him THE BLOOD STAINED ALPHA. And he is my mate.... ....///....///... "...I don't want you but I'm not stupid as to not keep you..."

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“Come on, Vee.” I tried to persuade my best friend as I circled her room.

I never understood Vera when it came to having fun; she would always rather spend the night in her room while the rest of the kids our age went to live a little. Other people always wondered how Vera was my best friend with our different personalities. I was the more wild and she was more conserved and would rather eat popcorn and watch a movie than be surrounded by different people.

“I am not going partying with you.” she refused and had that decided look on her face that always set me off and made me give up but not today.

“Oh come on, Lucas is gonna be there.” I said and wiggled my eyebrows suggestively at her.

Her face glowed up when she heard the stupid little pup’s name and I could see the shimmer in her brown eyes. It was not really wise of me to call my future Alpha a pup but I did not have a single bone of respect for that little mutt. I honestly question Vera’s huge crush on him but I hold a bit of hope because the stupid crush will fade away when she finds her mate. Lucas does have beautiful blue eyes and mouth watering body but every word that came out of his germ infested mind was absolutely crude and corky.

“We both know that Lucas doesn’t like me.” She said sadly and the glowing had simmered down as she slumped down in her bed.

“So?” I asked with a bit of sarcasm in my voice. “Can’t you just come with me?” I added and pouted.

“I’m sorry Ana.” She replied and I sighed dejectedly before climbing into her bed next to her.

“Why can’t you just come with?” I asked and did a little bit of a tantrum.

She turned to me with the “you know why” look and I sighed understandingly. Mr. and Mrs. Kamden could really be a huge pain at times and I absolutely hated the way they literally kept their daughter locked in their overly too big house. Sure it was good for them to keep her locked up when she was still schooling but she was now twenty and deserved a little bit of freedom.

I also silently blamed Vera for never standing up to her parents and asking for a bit of freedom. Her parents both did not like me and they did not even try to hide it but they could not do anything about it regarding the fact that I was the only one out of the large crowd of the pack that took the time to know their daughter and I am pretty much a great best friend....mostly most of those reasons but I also kind of threatened them that if they try to meddle in our friendship I would cut a full fashion line out of Mrs. Kamden’s expensive curtains. The look on her face was priceless and I would have gotten it in camera if I had one.

“Let’s sneak out through the window.” I turned to her with wide and excited eyes.

I knew it was impossible and Vera would never accept to do something such as sneak out, I am know this because I have tried multiple times to persuade her to do it and also if it was not for the fact that we were not werewolves every bone in our bodies would be crushed by the time we hit the ground. Curse Vera’s parents and their love for grand and expensive.

“Ana you can go without me.” She said with in an assuring voice but I knew deep down that she also yearned for a little bit of fun in her system.

I sighed and rested my head on the head board. “no.” I said and looked at her with a smile. “You know that I won’t go if you don’t.”

“I know that but one of us should go so that you can tell me all the juicy deets.” She tried to persuade with a wide and mischievous grin. “Come on I’ll do your make up and get you ready.” She said and pulled me off the bed and into her large closet.

Another thing I never understood about Vera is why she had a lot of makeup and clothes stack up in her closet but she never even dared to put the items to use, the only time those things got touched was when I wanted to get ready for something or decided to steal one of the clothes she never wore...okay maybe not one but in my excuse she never even wore them.

“I don’t know about this.” I whined as she curled my hair.

“Oh come on. You’ll probably be thanking me after you find your mate tonight.” She said and winked.

We both knew that was ridiculous since I had met possibly every male in this pack around our age and none of them are my mate or possibly even qualify to be my mate. I do not have a thing against the males of this pack but most of them are huge pains and I think I’ve slapped or punched half of the guys around my age and it is more satisfying than I thought.

“Oh please.” I scoffed and rolled my eyes. “We both know that the moon goddess will bless me with someone totally lickable.” I said and laughed with Vera as I tried to lick the little lipstick can before she grabbed it from my hands.

“You’ve already licked so much that is mine.” She said and put the lipstick in her make up case. I sighed and sat back in the chair as she did my lashes.

“Ta-da!” Vera screamed as she stood behind me and I stared at my reflection in the mirror.

“Talk about beauty.” I said and twirled a strand of my curled hair in between my fingers.

I had to give it to the girl; she was good at working her magic when it came to make up and all that. I was always at her place before an event in the pack to get ready and she also quite knew that I absolutely loved he make up and dressing up skills. I stared at the blue dress that clang on to my body like a second layer of skin it stopped right above my knees and the silver strapped heels were on fleek. I twirled around and flashed Vera a smile before looking at her with a sincere look.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna sneak out with me?” I asked again, it was always okay to check if she changed her mind. She shook her head and I let out a disappointed sigh.

She pushed me out of her room and down the stairs into the huge lobby. “You know if I get in trouble tonight you are gonna have to give me that red dress.” I said and she laughed.

“deal.” She replied.

Mr. and Mrs. Kamden walked in from when I was hugging Vera and Mrs. Kamden let out a disgruntled grunt and walked up to Vera and i.

“Annabelle.” Mr. Kamden acknowledged with an edge to his voice.

“Mr. K.... Mrs. K.” I replied with as much bitterness in my voice.

Mrs. Kamden scoffed and eyed me like I was filth or a cobweb in a lavish and luscious house. “Still the stupid brat, I see.” She muttered and glared at me.

“mom.” Vera gasped.

“Still the same old bitter and sour grape, I see.” I replied with an innocent voice and smiled when she gasped. “I’d love to stay and chat but I’ve got a whole population of vitamin d to get to.” I said and walked out of the large and beautiful doors right before Mr. and Mrs. Kamden flashed me a disgusted look.

I got into my saloon and drove my way through the pack and to where Logan, one of Lucas’ friends was hosting the party. Logan seriously had to get his life straight and I am sure he was going to be in deep trouble once his mate found out about this party.


The was a huge field of flowers and there were little bunnies dancing and some were on the ground sleeping, I was skipping in the fields and I had honey in my hands licking it down until foolish Lucas’ face and his beautiful blue eyes were looking at me like I was drunk. Stupid little Alpha mutt.

“Are you sure you’re okay, Ana?” he asked with a stupid smirk on his face.

I sauntered a bit until I was standing toe to toe with him and looking into his blue eyes that were so unworthy of him. “You wouldn’t be the first person I go to if I was not okay.” I slurred and poked his chest.

His smirk grew wider and I could sense the stupid words about to escape his mouth even in my drunken state. “Would I be second?” he asked and I tried to push him away but he did not budge.

“Walk away Colton before I kick you in hell.” I warned and tried my best to glare at him.

“Wouldn’t you like to be in my hell?” he mused and I gagged.

“In your dreams, Colton.” I replied and tried to side step him but I ended up slightly unable to keep my balance but I was able to control myself before I could fall and land face first on the dirty floor.

I walked away from Lucas and was surprised that he let me go so easily, he would have kept me from walking away if it was on another day but I guess we were not going to play the cat and mouse game today that I hate so much. I would have kicked his hell if he tried to even disturb me more.

I bumped into a wall and grunted before walking out of the packed house. God knows why I had decided to have so much to drink.

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