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Enliven, is the very definition of the energy that gives life to everything. The energy within every living being, coursing through their veins, giving them great power to overcome hardships that the lands have presented them. A twelve-year-old boy named Elric, who lived in a poor village at the edge of the map, belonging to a group of people called the Classless. A name which was given to them since they had neither the strength nor the affinity to belong to one of the great classes. Identifying them with their dull and gray-colored eyes. In the Kingdom of Byzantium, to which the King himself belonged to a class called the Summoners. Every person that belonged to this class was treated as royals if not nobles of the land. Putting themselves at the top of the societal hierarchy. There were also the Casters, the Amplifiers, and the Transmuters who were the least useful compared to the three and were the most discriminated against. A place, full of deceit and corruption. Where the strong prey on the weak and discriminate against those that do not have the power to survive. A life where your path is determined the moment you are born. Forever living inside the boundaries that the world has given. Elric and his friends embark on a journey to survive and hope to succeed in a life filled with challenges and mystery. Will they usher this world into a new era?

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War cries kept echoing throughout the borders of this ruined land. Red light slowly radiated from the rising sun, bathing the skies and the land which we stood upon.

I closed my eyes to feel the warmth of the light hitting my face.

I breathed in fresh air the cold morning has brought.


I hear the metal crashing together from thousands of men and women banging their weapons to their chests rallying to their positions as they await my orders.

I slowly walked towards the broken throne inside the castle of ruins, slowly circling as I caressed the crevices and cracks of the seat.

I sat down slowly and felt as if it did not belong to me still. With that I asked myself with frustration ‘How much more of this war shall we wage to truly belong in this land?’

‘However, I never thought this day would come’ I stand from my seat and walked towards the balcony. I opened the shattered glass doors and stepped outside to greet the eyes of my men who trusted and followed me.

I reveled at the magnificent sight before me as the men and women, all from different origins and backgrounds, banged their chests and their shields and weapons creating thunderous sounds.


They cheered as soon as they saw me emerge from the room and into the light. The race of Man all together right here and now.

I waved my hand slightly to halt them as I cleared my throat to speak. Everyone turned silent as they anticipated my next action.

My eyes sparked darkness, a single pulse waved like a ripple of water from the pupil to the corners of my eye. It was like a signal that something inside me has changed but the only visible difference was the color of my pupils that turned midnight.


[Amplifier Class]

[Skill: King’s Roar activated]

A message rang inside my head that notified my intentions. A small screen in the corner of my eye popped up simultaneously. Power instantly rushed to the area around my throat as I uttered my first words.


The skill amplified my voice throughout the whole army, echoing like thunder ringing in the air.

Every single person instantly kneeled as soon as they heard my call. Their left hand and left knee planted on the ground and their right fists placed on their chests to show their loyalty.

The scene before me almost brought me to tears as the joy in my heart overflowed like a waterfall. I composed myself and closed my eyes, taking a deep breath as I spoke with vigor once more.

“Rise up my brothers and sisters!”

“For the land which you stand on are the lands of our ancestors!”

One by one, they lifted their heads to gaze upon me.

They stood up and started to bang their fists against their chests and shields and weapons drowning the echoes of my voice.


The collective cheers of the masses were as loud as my own roar.



Enliven the energy within every living being, coursing through their veins. Giving them great power to overcome hardships that the lands have presented them.

The Kingdom of Byzantium, the home of the humans, which we know of is full of deceit and corruption. The strong prey on the weak and discriminate those that do not have the power to survive. But did you know that it was not always like this?

A long time ago, humans lived together in peace along with the other races. Prosperity filled the lands of every living being. Although, there were people with wicked intentions the rulers of the land taught their people that all are equal and resolved all misunderstandings.

It seemed like paradise, for even with humans with different classifications lived in harmony. Nobles who were unrivaled in their art form and techniques guided their kin to grow strong and skillful in using the energy residing within them.

Enliven was used for various and wonderful things such as farming and hunting for their livelihood. People with different skills gathered and worked together. Craftsmen built the equipment used by the Workers that built houses to towns and to even the largest cities, bigger than anything you could imagine. Tools farmer’s used to plow the fields with ease, they grew food so plentiful, it was enough to feed the entire race many times over. For even the lands which they were grown was enriched with energy.

The streets teeming with life and people from all around the world. Exchanging smiles and happiness that warmed their hearts with joy. No wars, no conflict and not even bad intentions. People felt content with what they were bestowed and worked hard for.

All of this was owed to the humble nobles who applied the teachings of the first true King, merciful ruler of all humans, Eigengrau. King Eigengrau wanted the humans to be strong yet eager to help each other fill the void of imperfection.

Each noble was an expert in their respective class, this enabled them to teach and oversee the people in the same category as they were.

These five nobles with their benevolent King had vast amount of Enliven that gave them longevity and lived for hundreds of years. Having the knowledge of the world and the power to protect made them a higher life-form from the rest of the Humans, thus, 6 of them were proclaimed by their own people as the ‘High Humans’.

“That was an amazing story Father! Are they all true?”

“Of course! But I have to go now, okay?”

“Where are you going father?”


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